Hire a Content Writer in India – How Indian SEO writers Can Help Your Business

If you are looking for content writers in India, you definitely have a few reasons in mind. Why does anyone want to hire a content writer in India? The reasons can be many – Indian writers can offer you good-quality content, they are easily available and the most important – you get good quality work at affordable prices. 

I am a professional SEO content writer in India and I can proudly say that I always have freelance tasks in abundance. I have written content from clients across the globe. My clients are from USA, Ukraine, the UK, Australia, Singapore and UAE. I often wondered why people choose writers from India or search for writers in India when there are so many content creators across the world.

So, first and foremost, let’s talk about Indian content writing services, writers & their experience

Indians are academically oriented. Youngsters are keen to add degrees and qualifications before they step into their professional world. There is a common feeling – the more degrees and certificates you have to show, the more opportunities you will come. Duh..No. I don’t believe this.

Content writing in India is now a sought after profession, but unfortunately many do not understand that this is a skill-based career.

So, what is the basic qualification needed? Do I need to have a bachelor’s degree in journalism or English to become a content writer in India? No – you do not have to.

Yes, it’s true that you do not need to have a specialized degree or do a course in content writing before you start your career.

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Content Writers in India – Their Qualifications, Skills, Experience

In India, there is no formal qualification needed to become a content writer. However, content writers in India

  • Can write perfect English and have a good sense of grammar
  • Professionals write regularly, well-aware of content writing trends
  • They are well aware of content writing tools ( Grammarly, Plagiarism checkers, Keyword research tools, Yoast)
  • Writers have a basic knowledge of SEO, keyword usage
  • They are well aware of platforms where content is uploaded and edited ( I have noticed clients frequently ask if I know WordPress)

An experienced content writer can write a variety of content which includes:

  • Articles – SEO optimised articles, General engaging & informative articles
  • Blogs – Personal, promotional, corporate, guest-posting
  • Press Releases
  • Website Content – Home Page content, About Us Content, Privacy Policy, Service Pages & more
  • Sales Copies
  • Product Description Writing
  • Story-telling
  • Writing Titles, Meta Descriptions and more

With experience, a writer can easily edit, recognize and rectify grammatical errors in content.

Okay, so now coming to YOUR reasons for hiring a content writer from India. What are your benefits?

Now, from my experience, I can share some reasons why clients look for content writers in India. If you are from the USA or UK, or any other country, you can hire

  • Full-time content writer
  • Part-time content writer
  • Hire writers on contract basis or project wise
  • Writers for individual articles/projects
  • Get writers on-demand

So, these were some of the options. Now coming to each category and how you can engage your writer in India. Remember, services and contracts vary – so, here is just a generalized view to provide you with an idea.

Hire Full-Time Content Writer India

  • Your content writer will work solely on your project. Thus, you get the full attention of your writer.
  • Expertise – Your full-time content writer will have expertise on the niche. Thus, you are assured of quality content, which will be useful and valuable to your audience.
  • As the content writer is dedicated to your project, your writer will be working 8 hours or 7 hours in a day as per the contract.
  • No set-up costs, recruitment hazards for you. Your content writer works on a remote location, using his/her machine and internet.
  • You can get in touch with your writer whenever you want.
  • You can request small changes, revisions without having to pay additional amount.
  • Quality check is the responsibility of your writer

When to hire a full-time content writer?

You can hire a full-time content writer when you have plenty of work to do or when you need the availability of a writer round the clock or when you need your writer to work for you on an urgent basis or whenever there is any requirement.

Hire Part-Time Content Writer India

  • Your content writer works on your project on a part-time basis.
  • Depending on the contract, your writer might work for four or six hours a day or for fixed hours on a monthly or weekly basis.
  • You will pay an amount lesser than what you need to pay for a full-time writer.
  • You can the skills of an experienced, expert writer.
  • There will be no worry about grammar errors or quality of articles delivered.
  • You will get your articles on time.

When to hire a part-time content writer?

  • If you have regular work available but you do not need someone dedicated because there so much work might not be available daily.
  • You need the expertise of a writer on a part-time basis.
  • You do not want to pay for a full-time writer but require the services of an expert writer.
  • There is a need to get work on time.

Hire writers on contract basis or project wise

  • You need a writer for 1 project only.  You will not need the services of the writer when the project is over.
  • There is a contract and you want the writer to be a part of the contract.
  • Writers are aware that their services will no longer be needed when the contract is over.
  • The writer can be given money for a fixed number of hours or fixed quantity of content. ( Example, hire for 50 hours in a month or 50 articles contract)

Hiring writers on-demand 🙂

Clients love to hire such writers…because it’s simple and easy.

This means that the client doesn’t have to hire a full-time writer, part-time writer or on a contractor basis. Whenever a client needs a writer, all that is to be done is to get in touch with the company or the agency.

But…things might not be as simple

  • It might happen that writers on the niche are busy at that time.
  • The hourly rate might be high at that moment due to increasing demand.

If you are in need of SEO content writers in demand, please write to – digitalsai.writers@gmail.com and let us know your requirements.


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