How do Instagram Reels Get Popular?

Instagram Reels is the most current phenomenon that has swept social media by storm. Reels are generally short video clips that range from 15 to 30 seconds in length. Reels are a fun and unique method to get people to engage with your content and drive traffic to it.

These short videos are an excellent approach to communicate a message or to promote your brand. As reels are shorter in length, you have a better chance of keeping the audience’s attention and communicating your opinions. With all of these benefits, reels have emerged as a vital component in making your content go viral.

There are many ways to make your reels go viral and reach a wide number of audiences. In this article, we will take you through some of the most effective steps by which your reels can also go viral.

Always try to focus on Making Content on Trending Topics

If you want your reels to go viral, you must focus on creating content that is trending on every social media, which every user will enjoy watching, as well as try to implement informative content. Music, singing, dance, DIY, and dialogues are all things that people appreciate around the world. Consider these niches and then think about what you can produce along those lines.

Always Put your Reels to Your Feed

Always choose the “Also Share to feed” option when sharing your Reel on Instagram. This will send the content to your followers via both your regular and Reels feeds. This will increase your chances of being visible on the Explore page because your followers’ views will increase the number of likes, views, comments, and shares, all of which are important to determine where a post appears on Explore.

Utilize the Pre-Loaded Reels Tools While Making Your Content

If you want to make your videos more compelling and attractive, try using reel’s pre-loaded editing tools, music, and visual effects. Most of the time, Instagram also suggests their users utilize these inbuilt tools and effects. On Instagram, whenever a new feature is published, they want you to utilise it so that it can help improve your exposure among the social media platform. As a result, rather than sharing a video you’ve made elsewhere, attempt to capture, edit, and add effects to your Instagram reels from within the app to optimise your reach and get more traffic to your reels.

While Making Reels, Add Text in the Beginning and Middle of the Clip

When a user scrolls through their feeds, Instagram Reels videos are often shown without sound. That’s why it’s becoming more usual on IGTV to include headlines and subtitles to entice viewers to turn on the sound. When it comes to Reels, you should include text in the middle that summarises the video’s worth or goal. With the addition of text and its placement in the middle, you are informing users what the reels are about and eventually, this might also make the user open your reel and watch it as well as share it.


Creating reels is a simple process that doesn’t require a lot of time or effort. Utilize the above points and make your reels go viral on the social platform.

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