How To Start Blogging With Little Investment and Earn Money

‘How to start blogging’ – this is one of the most searched phrases of the year 2020 because people wanted to earn money. The pandemic has taught us many things. Life became restricted, sources of income dwindled and people started looking for ways to earn money from home.

However, there was one condition. Investment – people were not willing to spend a lot of money. Thus, more and more people were searching for ways to earn money from home, but without investment.

Vlogging and Blogging became the most popular ways of earning money. Those who did not want to vlog and loved to write decided to go ahead with blogging. So, the main question was how to get about it?

How to Start Blogging For Free

To start blogging for free, you have to create your account on sites like Blogger and WordPress. If you do not want to invest money by purchasing a domain or hosting, you can create a free account. Both Blogger and WordPress offer several themes to build your blogging site.

It is very simple to customize blogging sites. These platforms are user-friendly, helping to create an interface of choice. Once you have your blog site ready, you can start posting blog posts. Remember to create content that is useful for the readers or else simply posting daily blogs is not going to help you.

Also, if you want to start your blogging career for free and win assignments and projects, you have to upload high-quality content. It should be unique, engaging, and informative for the readers.

Thus, it is very simple to start blogging for free. The trick is to be consistent or regular with your blogging.

Skills Needed to Start Blogging

Now, when you decide to start blogging, you have to ask yourself, are you prepared for blogging? Though it is true that anyone can start blogging but to earn money from blogging, you certainly require certain skills.

Here are some of them:

  • Interest in blogging – this is the first requirement. If you start blogging for personal reasons, you have to stay motivated to blog regularly. For this, you should have an interest in blogging.
  • Write well – You should be able to write well. You should be able to write perfect English, without grammatical errors and without any error in sentence construction.
  • SEO knowledge – If you want to earn from blogging, you should have little SEO skills. This will help in getting traffic. It is important to bring in traffic because it will help you earn money
  • Market your articles – If you want to be a successful blogger, just writing blogs is not enough. You should have article or content marketing skills as well. Unless you market your articles, it might be tough to get traffic.

How Many Blogs Will You Have to Write To Start Earning

As you start your blog and posting articles, you will not immediately start earning. You have to be patient and develop consistency. I have seen many bloggers who start with great enthusiasm. They begin with writing 2-3 articles daily, write for three to four days and stop all of a sudden.

No, it does not help.

If you want to earn money from blogging you have to be consistent. You do not have to upload a post daily but you have to be consistent in postings. For example, if you post a blog twice a week, you have to do that regularly. This helps in building the credibility of your blog. It also helps in improving your blog’s search engine rankings.

Start Guest Blogging for FREE

This is another way to earn money from blogging but it’s a bit challenging. It is tough because you have to find other bloggers who accept guest blog posts on their blogs. There are many platforms where experienced bloggers get paid for their posts. Thus, if you manage to get these tasks, you do not have to invest anything, but you can earn money.

There are many ways to earn from your blog without any investment. But remember, this does not happen in a day. This might take months and years to build the credibility of your blog. When you manage to build your blog’s credibility, you might even get sponsors. There are many companies that love to place their ads on popular blogs that get plenty of daily traffic.

You Can Be an Authority in The Industry

If you are serious with your blogging and manage to create a good blog, it can be easily used to showcase your expertise and knowledge on a subject. For example, a blogger who specializes in gadget reviews can have a great demand. If the blogger publishes blog posts that are relevant, timely, accurate, and informative, does manage to get the attention of insiders.

A successful blogger earns recognition and can often become a thought leader. With time the blogger can claim money to write blog reviews of some brands.

Reasons to Start Blogging in 2021

So, if you are still wondering, if you should start a blog in 2021, here are some reasons to begin blogging this year.

  • You Can Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Niche

You can start to blog on a subject you like. When you start writing posts and sharing your expertise, your website changes and becomes a powerful way to demonstrate your knowledge. Thus, when an individual comes and visits your websites, he or she gets a chance to check the insights you share on a subject. Thus, it becomes easy to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

  • It is a way to expand your Network

As you start a blog, you have an opportunity for your network expansion. With interesting and valuable blog posts, you can attract readers to your blog. Your readers will comment on your website and can even send personal messages. There will be many users who will ask for help or looking forward to your help.

Remember, a blog is a wonderful platform that helps in reaching out to people who share similar interests. It helps in establishing a personal relationship and bonding.

  • Helps in Selling Products

A blog can help in selling your product. In fact, there are many blogs which act as a virtual store. Thus, you can talk about your different products and services through your blog.

  • Helps in Building your Identity

Your blog can act as an identity of your brand. With well-written blogs, you have a chance to build an identity for yourself. As people start reading your blogs, they start knowing about you. It is one of the best ways to develop an identity

  • Earn Money

Last, but not least, your blog can be the source of income. There are many successful bloggers who earn lots every month throughout the year.

Can Anyone Start Blogging?

Yes, anyone can start blogging.

If you love to write, you can start blogging immediately.



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