3 Keyword Planning Tools Which Content Writers Need to Know About

Keyword research is considered the backbone of a healthy SEO strategy that can drastically improve on-page SEO. Keyword research is used to identify the terms and phrases that people are searching for on various search engines. Taking time to know your audience and the queries they’re asking, for developing methods to address these issues in your content with a combination of keywords and phrases, is a significant part of keyword research.

To conduct effective keyword research there are certain tools in our rescue to make this process easier and more efficient. These tools include a keyword database along with several other metrics like search volume, cost per click, and competition for you to execute proper keyword research.

List of 5 top keyword planning tools

  1. SEMrush– This paid tool provides features like monthly search volume, the trend of a keyword, competitor analysis and more.
  2. AnswerThePublic– This tool is free to use and perfect for beginners that can help with content creation and to understand which queries are most likely to be searched by the users.
  3. Ahrefs – Quite similar to SEMrush, this paid tool features that enable you to check the keywords that your competitor is ranking for, PPC keywords and more.
  4. Long Tail Pro – This premium tool provides an overview of statistics about the keyword, focusing on how your page is performing to your competitors on Google’s SERP.
  5. Google Keyword Planner – Although originally this tool is meant for PPC advertisers to successfully run ads on Google this can also be effective in constructing an SEO strategy.

Advantages of including keyword research tools in your SEO strategy

Enables to create personalised keywords

Newly found keywords can be generated by a quality keyword tool, enabling you to apply your own keywords depending on search query data. It indicates that these phrases were used by users to find your advertising and then searched for your website. As a result, customised keywords are extremely important for your SEO and the brand. Static keywords can be eliminated by using an effective keyword tool that allows you to arrange keywords into targeted groupings instead. You can also acquire query-specific keywords that assist boost your website’s visibility in the search engines, by using a dependable keyword research tool.

Provides the ability for competitive analysis 

You can get not only information and traffic for different keywords but also competitive analysis, by adopting a keyword research tool. For example, you can simply enter the URL of a landing page or a website into such tools and it will show the keywords that it’s targeting immediately.

Chance to improve SEO metrics

In your blog articles, by employing the correct keywords you can improve the site’s ranking and see a boost in traffic to your website as well. This way the website pages eventually become more authoritative in Google’s SERP thanks to the usage of relevant and query-specific terms.

Keyword research through these tools helps to analyse your competitors which in turn can assist you in fine-tuning your approach and optimization efforts in order to improve your SERP rankings.


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