5 Best Indian Digital marketing professionals you need to follow in 2022

The digital promotional services in India are growing like never before, with all guns blazing and doing better than the global forecasts. Other than the unwavering support from Govt. of India to uplift the infrastructure, the young entrepreneurs have taken it to the next level. Lets glance through some of the Best Indian Digital marketing professionals.

The young Indian entrepreneurs are more focused on creating a strong and effective digital ecosystem. This article focuses on some of the best digital marketing professionals whose dedication and passion have immensely contributed to the growth of India. Their hard work paid off to make India the fastest-growing social media market in the world.

Best Indian digital marketing professionals:

Sorav Jain

 Sorav is among the brightest young talents in the digital marketing ecosystem. He has been enlisted among the top social media marketers under 30 by social samosa. Global youth marketing forum has also awarded Sorav the “top 25 social media professionals of India”.

Sorav wears various hats other than being an entrepreneur; A person who is an expert in social media, author, marketer, and speaker in qualified masters in international marketing. Sorav is the spearhead of the top digital marketing communities with a member strength of 45,000 known as Digital marketing question and answers on Facebook. He has also authored books like “how to build your brand on social media” and “social media for business.”

Deepak Kanakaraju

He is also popularly known as DigitalDeepak, running the worldwide largest digital marketing group on Facebook, Learn Digital marketing. He also has other feathers on his hat as a TEDx speaker, a consultant on digital marketing, and an author. That is not all, he has also penned a book recently titled ‘Edge of Sanity, providing insights about entrepreneurship.

In the earlier days, Deepak founded PixelTrack, the digital marketing company, and had a fortune of about 500 companies as clients. The startup OptinChat.com is also co-founded by him. Other than these, he is passionate about playing guitar and motorcycling.

Prateek shah

Prateek is the best digital marketer trainer in India and the founder of Digital Defynd. He is also the fastest-growing digital enthusiast community for entrepreneurs, taking the country to a stronger position. He has trained several professionals over the years to empower them in the digital media field. Prateek has also conducted workshops and training for several B schools around the globe and in India. He also provides participants with extinction once they complete the workshop.

Pradeep Chopra

Pradeep is truly a pioneer in the field of digital marketing space movements in India. He has been a part of the Internet industry ever since 2000. Currently, he is the CEO and co-founder of Digital Vidya with 13 years of experience as a digital entrepreneur.

Pradeep has personally advised and trained more than 2500 professionals across Asia, a graduate from eminent IIT Delhi. In addition, he has trained the participants with proper analysis and marketing trends from the digital Vidya app itself.

Nidhi Singh

Nidhi is another young talent whose name has often appeared among the top digital marketer’s trends from 2018 onwards. She has a follower list with more than 75000 and has been declared two times the top content creator on Quora. Her main niche is writing about digital marketing strategies. Her articles are in international magazines like Inc.

Currently; she works as an AVP growth marketing with DBS bank. Earlier she spent six years as a marketing head with the startup EduPristine. The stellar quality and dedication of Nidhi have often regarded her as the best digital marketer in the current field. She also offers business-related consultation, SEO, and App interface improvements as her added side hustle.

Looking at these young Best Indian Digital marketing professionals, it is quite certain that India is growing towards a successful future. The hard work and dedication have proved that India is moving towards digital development in no time.


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