5 Crucial Tips To Write Blog Posts That Will Rank On Google

Writing a well-researched blog post takes an enormous quite amount of effort and time if you are aiming for providing absolute value for your audience. But apart from giving valuable content to your audience, your goal is also to increase the traffic and rank your article better in the search results. And for that, you need to make your content SEO optimized to gain maximum traffic organically without spending a penny.

But how exactly can you plan an SEO strategy for your next content? Let’s take a look.

Use proper headings

Using appropriate headlines that give an overview of your content helps crawlers understand what the blog is about more precisely. Try to breakdown your articles with h1, h2, h3 and h4 tags to properly subdivide the whole content. Along with that try using high-intent keywords the ones your target audience are using the most will give you a higher chance to rank better in the search results.

Focus more on writing for your audience

Following all the SEO guidelines can often make you forget that your content should meet the user intent by delivering them the best possible answer to a query. We often get so focused on all the ways to optimize content that we tend to miss this very fundamental factor in writing a blog post. Try to consider buyer persona, their challenges, goals and interests in mind while writing a high-quality blog. Apart from a well-structured blog post with answers, organized sub-headers and relatable images, make sure to choose a topic that matches your potential customer’s search intent.

Put the keyword in the meta description 

Meta descriptions are used to show a summarized version of your content. That is why it is important to make your meta descriptions interesting and compelling while keeping them short. Apart from that try putting one or two keywords to make them SEO optimize as meta descriptions are a factor to determine your rankings as well.

Make your content optimized for featured snippets

Featured snippets are considered to be the most direct answers along with other results in the SERP. To earn this feature, you need to structure and write your content thoroughly. Make your h1, h2 tags keyword optimized and write steps with bullet points or numbered lists under each section. Apart from that try including the question itself in your post and use actionable words such as ‘click’ or ‘select’ to increase the chances.

Write alt text to images

An alt text should describe the images precisely that you used in your blog to Google crawlers. Make sure you add the main keyword in your alt text apart from describing it properly to make it SEO optimized. In short, the alt text should align with the narrative of your blog besides describing the given image.

Apart from common SEO strategies like thorough keyword research, restraining from keyword stuffing, link building, using compressed images and writing longer posts, these are some of the tips that will drastically help your content to rank in the SERP.


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