5 Reasons to use AHREFS

AHREFs is considered the world’s biggest index of live sourced backlinks. It provides every organization with a strong backlink checker that provides a better URL for every site. The main reason most people use Ahref is that it provides a comprehensive picture of every site URL.

If you are using it, you will be able to acknowledge the data visualization and exploration facility. Competitor analysis is also possible through this usage. You get to have a clear view of your competitor and the traffic generated from their website.

You get everything from anchors to backlinks under the same platform.

Let’s explore more reasons why you should use Ahref over other sources.

AHREFs – Provides keyword research for ten search engines

The keyword tools mostly show a data specification specifically based on Google metrics. This makes sense as there is a considerable type of monopoly taken by Google engine in the market. However, it is also crucial to keep in mind that you can also get traffic from other search engines. In Ahref, you get the ability to search over more than ten distinctive search engines.

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • YouTube
  • Yahoo
  • Bing

What you need to do is just toggle between each of the keyword explorers and search its monthly volume. Many people think that YouTube is only for entertainment as it only has a variety of videos. But it is high time you rethink your decision and take some time out for YouTube traffic for better value.

Analysis of clicks data beyond search volume

Ahref is the only tool in the market that can go beyond the search volumes to showcase the estimated clicks on a single search result. This helps to identify whether a keyword is worth targeting in reality or not. One little tip that you can follow when dealing with search engines is also by simply clicking the search button. It will help you get a clear view of the most searched keyword in general. After getting a clear idea about the frequently used keywords, use them on your content for better reach.

Search traffic estimations for top 10 ranking page

One thing that most SEO professionals often follow is to check the search volume for their targeted keywords to predict the organic traffic of their page. Many people are unaware of this, but pages usually don’t rank based on simply one keyword. Instead, the major focus is mostly on long-tail keywords with variations when ranking a page. Now, the big question is then how do you estimate the total search potential for targeted keywords, right? It is easy; you just need to use the SERP overview report and check the organic traffic every month.

Proper identification of backlink growth

In Ahref, the web crawling technology is superior, and it is regularly updated with better backlink graphs. If you are a regular user here, you will also get a detailed view of how your exact profile grew over time. This process of identifying the growth of your page helps you configure the same acquisition pace that your competitors have met. In addition, you can keep an eye on the movement of the graph and decide which way you need to function. It also helps you strategize your campaign and work with it properly in advance.

Click distribution for every individual keyword.

The convention data usually states that about 30% of the overall clicks go on the top-ranking results and about 15% to the second position, and so on. However, these numbers are, in reality, a little bit misleading as they are averages. In reality, each keyword has a specified CTR curve of its own. In Ahref, a large amount of clickstream-based data for every keyword. Thereby, it becomes easy to operate.

Thereby, Ahref is one of the most demanded and best-used versions of keyword finder for better traffic in the website.


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