5 Tools to Monitor Backlinks

Any website SEO performance greatly depends on the strategies you have created to build the reputation on the search engine and having a good quality backlink is a great way to earn reputation and authenticity.

Backlinks are links that redirect other websites’ visitors to your websites which helps to drive more traffic and better search engine results. Having a good quality backlink will help you to get a better search engine ranking which is great as it will help your website to stay on top of your competitors.

While good quality backlinks help you to enhance your reputation, bad quality backlinks can destroy your online reputation and it can be considered as a Black Hat SEO. That is why monitoring your backlinks is a must thing to do so that you can save the quality and quantity of your backlinks.

There are certain tools that can help you to monitor your backlinks and here are 5 tools that can help you to do it.


So far considered as one of the best tools to monitor your backlinks, Ahrefs has the largest list of live backlinks. The list updates every 15 minutes and goes over 4 billion pages in a day. It has both paid and free versions where it provides a complete analysis of competitors with the free version and with the paid version you can get more in-depth information of the analysis.

With Ahrefs you can get a lot of features and one of the most noted features is the analysis of anchor text. It lets you see the number of anchor texts through that. It also provides information on how many links you have set to follow and minute information to build a great SEO strategy.

Majestic SEO:

Majestic SEO checks for backlinks itself rather than using any third-party information. Digital marketers who look after link building on their own websites, as well as their clients, use Majestic SEO most of the time. The backlink history checker tool helps you to control the number of backlinks for each of your domains. It also offers you to check up to 5 domain backlink performances and compare them to each other which is a great way to see your competitor’s strategy.

SE Ranking:

SE Ranking allows you to check incoming links based on Google Webmaster Tools data for your website. It offers certain features such as website audit, keyword research, and competitor rank tracking. It helps you to generate detailed links analysis parameters such as index or noindex, follow or no follow, date discovered, anchor text and more which further allows you to reject links and generate a file that you can submit to Google Webmaster Tools.


This is a great backlink tracker for SEO and marketing managers. It helps to track and analyze the backlink profile for your website and enables you to keep track of all your backlinks. That is not all, it also notifies you when one of your backlinks is lost and helps to make them active again. It also helps you to estimate your link-building strategy with easy reports and increases its efficiency.


It is a new tool that is available in the market which has a huge internal backlinks database. It helps to find backlinks in live mode and with graphs and tables, you can easily find which links are good for your website and which don’t work.

The tool provides a whole list of backlinks with detailed information and it also shows links that were lost or gained. It also helps you to track your competitor’s backlinks which helps you to improve your strategy.

So, these are the tools that can help you to monitor your backlinks properly and help you to maintain a strong ground in the digital market.

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