6 Elements of High-Quality Content Writing

Content writing is all about writing for the web. What we know is that the content has to be high-quality, it should be 100% unique and it should be free from grammatical and spelling errors. So, what are the elements or characteristics of high-quality content? Or what else should you keep in mind to ensure that the content is high-quality?

As a writer, you might be putting in a lot of effort and you might be researching well. But, is your content high-quality. Let us discuss a few elements which constitute high-quality content.

What Does Quality Content Mean?

It is the content that is useful, does not have spelling or grammatical errors, is easy to read, and offers value to the readers. Most importantly, it should not be simply rewritten from an existing article. It should not be mass-produced and should not be a copy of someone else’s style of writing.

Importance of High-Quality Content?

  • It helps in attracting the right kind of audience to your website.
  • Your visitors find your content useful and they start depending on what you provide.
  • It helps in your branding.
  • High-quality content is essential for improved rankings of your website.
  • Quality content helps in creating backlinks
  • It can increase the sharing chances of your content.

So, whenever it is about writing content, high-quality work can never be denied. It helps in adding value to your brand and improves the website’s performance as well.

So, now that you understand the significance of high-quality content, you can now bring changes in how you write, so that you can develop good quality content.

Good Quality Content – Checklist

1. Headline

Yes, that’s the heart and soul of your article. It is the one that attracts the interests of your audience. Thus, your headline should be a head-turner.

Now, how do you create such a head-turner headline?

So, my suggestion is – think about a problem!

First, you should have a content theme in mind and your target audience. Now, based on the theme, you will have to think about what your audience or readers might be searching for.

For example – consider the headline of this article!

  • Theme – Content writing
  • Audience – Those who are learning how to write content
  • Problem – High-quality writing/Unique content creation/ Interesting topic finding/ Error free article writing – how to do all these?

So, now that you have the problem ready, your next task is to consider the keywords which should be the part of the headline.

My keywords here are – content writing/how to write/content writers

So, I pick up the first problem and try to create a headline:

How to Write How to Write High-Quality Content


Tips for High-quality Content Writing

Now, I did a bit of research and decided I do not need a ‘how to’ article. I can save it for another time. The internet is filled with tips on high-quality content writing. So, I decided to choose – elements.

It adds a bit of uniqueness to the article. It adds a number and makes the topic precise. Thus, I might have many readers who will simply read the article for the 5 Elements mentioned. 🙂

So, spend a bit of time on headlines and Never copy another headline. Why would your readers read your article when the net is full of similar articles? Give your readers something unique which they might not find somewhere else.

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2.  Research Well

If you have a topic in mind, you need to find more information on it. No, do not search just 1 or 2 sites and begin writing.

If you rewrite information from 2-3 websites, it is not good practice because you are writing what is already present. So, spend time on your research and gather enough information before you start writing. There should not be any scope for fillers or fluff sentences.

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A practical tip –

Now, you might know already that research is important for your article. But, how do you go about it?

I suggest you prepare the structure of your article first. Without the structure of your article, how are you going to research?

Once you have the structure in front of you, begin looking for information. Now, when you are thinking about the article structure, how do you decide on the sub-headings?

No, you should not have random sub-headings. Try the following steps:

  • Search online – how to write an article
  • Look for ‘people also ask’ – you can use these as your sub-headings
  • After the first few searches, you will find ‘searches related to….. ( appears right at the bottom of the page) You can use the questions or suggestions from these as sub-headings.
  • You can also use Google Q/A as your subheadings

Once you have the sub-headings ready, start looking for information. You are going to have enough information to write an engaging article without the need for filler sentences.

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3. Write In Your Own Style

Many writers make the mistake of NOT writing in their own style. If you want to create a mark for yourself, you have to write in your own style.

Why wouldn’t you write in your own style when you can? If you copy someone else’s style, you won’t be able to do justice to your work. You will be creating content that is just another copy of an article.

Sometimes, writers tend to copy the writing style of viral articles or the articles of the competitors. It is a tendency because writers feel that if their own article is like a competitor’s article, it might get popular first or get good search rankings.

However, it does not happen in reality. So, write in your own voice, in your own style, and like as you speak. Your article will definitely do well if you have done your research well.

4. Never Lose Focus

Remember when you are writing an article, you are writing for a purpose. Your readers have come to your article after they have read the title of the article.

Your visitors will read your article as long as they find it answering their queries or talking about the specific issue. In a bid to increase the word count, you should never go off-topic.

As soon as you start discussing something else, your audience starts losing interest. They realize that the article is no longer solving their problem. Hence, it is extremely important to remain focused and be on the topic.

Check out some of the things which writers tend to do unknowingly, which is often annoying for the readers:

  • Beating about the bush
  • Adding filler sentences
  • Repeating information
  • Writing sentences that do not add value to the article
  • Talking about the same thing again and again
  • Using complex sentences to explain an easy point
  • Using long sentences unnecessarily
  • Writing lengthy paragraphs
  • Using irrelevant references

So, just keep away from anything you write which cannot be done without.

One easy trick – Once you have completed around 300 words, just go through your article. If you find any sentence which does not add value to the article, you can simply delete it. And any sentence when deleted does not make any difference, was definitely fluff.

5) Unique Article

I just cannot have enough saying this. The importance of writing a unique article can never be denied. Any plagiarized article is low-quality and does not add value.

Once you have completed the article, you can check it on different online tools for plagiarism. Not even one sentence should be similar to another sentence of an article present online.

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6) Proofread and Edit Your Content

This is of utmost importance. You should never submit content that is not proofread or edited. You might have senior editing articles for you, but when you are completing your work, it is your duty to deliver work that is client-ready.

When you proofread an article, you will be able to correct any kind of typing error, sentence construction error or any other sentence which you feel does not read properly. Thus, no matter how quickly you have to submit your work, you should never submit anything without proofreading it well.

These days, there are several online tools and software available that can help you to check your content for grammatical or spelling errors. Make the most of these tools and ensure that your article is high-quality and ready for your readers.

So, these were the essential 6 elements which if followed can ensure you have a top-quality article.

Do you have any other sugestions?

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