6 Ways to Earn Money from your blog

Working in an office with duty hours of 9-5 can be challenging for many people. The constant issue of reaching a target often becomes more stressful than ever. A better alternative opinion that you can follow, where you are your boss, is blogging. Yes, you can earn money from blog but are you prepared to work hard for it?

Give your career the pace it has been waiting for by following your dream. If you have a passion for writing and speaking your mind, this is it! Blogging can help you to reach far more people and improve your reach through traffic. You can easily monetize your blogs, too, with the right follow-up and strategies.

We are here to help you with the most well-known methods to follow to earn money from your blogs because you can earn a lot from regular blogging.


 This is the best straightforward way that you can follow to earn from your blogs. Mostly, website blogs act in two separate ways. You can either directly sell your ad space to any advertising agency or work with agencies that give you work. Bloggers who are just in the newbie phase of their career should go for the second option. The reason is getting your own ad space might get difficult as new brands might not trust you. However, after you gain popularity and reach, you can choose the second option for sure.

Using affiliate marketing

This is the best way to increase your reach behind the earnings from a new blog. The basic idea behind this is that you promote products from other businesses and get services in return. Now, the returns that you get will only be applied if you reach target sales. In the case of affiliate marketing, there are almost no classic ads involved in the process. Further, you are giving personal links to promote the products on your site. When audiences visit your site and click on the link, you get the commission in exchange.

Selling customized products

Customers prefer to get connected with bloggers when they can purchase from them. The most obvious way to earn money is by selling products to your customers and making money. In case you are already involved in a business, the products are what you need to sell. If you are not an owner, try to develop products as per customers’ preferences to increase sales.

Selling different services

Most people get confused when learning about selling services. Well, it is just the same thing as selling products. The only difference in this regard is that you are selling intangible things. You can offer several services to your customers, like graphic design, copywriting, and consultation sessions. But, first, you need to set up the way you will sell, and it is done.

Working with sponsored content

This is a process in which you find out people ready to pay you for content on their behalf. On a simple note, you write content for other companies based on their needs and get paid for it. These could involve editorial pieces, branded publicity, paid reviews, and articles. You can try this approach if your blog already has a niche space and perceives value for it.

Running brand campaigns

Bloggers who have a determined and established audience base can choose to go with this process. What you need to do when targeting these tactics is to run campaigns for other companies to reach their targeted audience. You might need to get involved in running webinars, brand collaborations, and making videos. This process is considered the hottest way to monetize blogs and the fastest way too. Try these tactics and monetize your blogs easily.

Remember, it is not enough to have a blog, especially when you want to make blogging a career. You need to find ways to monetize your blog so that you can start earning from it.

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