8 Ideas To Write Catchy Headlines for Your Blogs

All content writers are aware and understand the importance of writing catchy headlines, engaging titles, and choosing the right topics.

But, the million-dollar question is – When I am writing a blog daily, from where do I get these catchy headlines.

Is that something you can relate to?

Do not worry – this is not just your question, but something which makes every blogger think twice.

Scenario 1 – Think, Think, and Think

If you are an enthusiastic person and you love to create new topics, this is something you can do. In fact, most writers, think about topic ideas before they begin to write. So, those who think topics, usually come up with ideas like

  • Importance of…
  • Significance of..
  • How to..
  • Tips…
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Guides, Ideas 

So, these are pretty easy to write and information is also available in abundance. But, think again – just like you, there are hundreds of other writers who are writing the same topics.

For example – if it is a health article – some very common topics are –

  • Importance of a healthy diet
  • How to lose weight fast
  • Tips to eat healthily
  • Advantages of exercises
  • Guide to lose weight

So – NO – if you are going to write such types of articles, it is not going to help your website.  So, thinking on your own might not help you to come up with good topics

Scenario 2 – Search Online for Relevant Topics

Now, this is something all of us too. It is the lifeline of writing content online. What most writers do is search online, pick up 2-3 articles and simply rewrite them. As a result, the article is something that is already present online. To escape plagiarism issues, some tricks are applied

  • The title is slightly tweaked
  • Keywords are inserted in the titles
  • Synonyms are used in the title

or something else. However, the end result is that the title is quite common and can be like –

  • Why a healthy diet is important
  • Weight Loss – Lose weight fast
  • Healthy eating tips
  • Benefits of exercises
  • How to lose weight

Do not miss the similarity between the scenarios.

So, think for yourself – are you offering anything new to your readers? You are already telling them something which they can find easily online.

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Writing Catching Headlines – 8 No-Fail Ideas

What are these ideas that can help you to write catchy headlines and the ones which can bring in traffic to your website?


Trending topics are the most searched ones. So, when you choose a trending topic for your blog, it will definitely draw the attention of your readers. How do you find these trending topics which can be used for creating headlines?

Here are some tools:

Feedly – This is where you can find some of the most trending topics. Choose a topic from your niche and you are ready to go.

Medium – This is one of those platforms which allow free publishing of articles. This is also one place where you can find some of the trending topics. Thus, keep a watch on Medium.

Google Trends – One of the most popular ways of finding what is trending. You can find trending topics based on location, category, industry, and more.

LinkedIn Plus – This is also another platform where you can find top stories being discussed by professionals. Go ahead and pick if you find something related to your niche.

Besides these, Quora and Reddit are also some of the places where you can find titles for your blogs that are trending. Thus, you will be able to select topics that your audience will definitely want to read.


The Internet has now become one of the most popular mediums to learn things. Whether it is a recipe you wish to learn, or knitting or styling, or DIY projects, or makeup, or anything else. You name it and the internet will show you relevant articles, videos, blog posts, reviews, and more.

Beginner guides are always in demand. These are written in simple language, explained in a step-by-step process, through videos and other processes. Thus, if you are able to write detailed and helpful beginner guides, you will always be able to attract the right audience.

Here are some examples of Beginner guides that will make a difference.

  1. Step by Step Beginner’s Guide to Setup a Blog
  2. Beginner’s Guide to Make Biryani Like your Favourite Restaurant
  3. How to Make Eggless Cakes Without an Oven – Beginner’s Guide
  4. Beginners Guide to Learn Homeopathy
  5. Beginner’s Guide to Astrology

So, these types of blogs will target learners. It is important to ensure that the blogs are written in a step-by-step format and in easy language.


As mentioned above, users search online for products review. Whether it is a mobile phone, a watch, a gadget, a book, or even clothing, people look forward to reviews.

Now, when you choose to write product reviews you cannot write on any random product you come across. You have to keep an eye on the latest and create titles accordingly

For example:

( Mobile brand name, code, year) Review

Remember, when you are writing reviews, you have to include certain details in the title. These details include:

  • Full name of the product
  • Brand
  • Year of manufacture
  • the word Review

The review needs to be straight-forward with all details. There should not be any fluff language in the review. Also, it is important that you are reviewing a product which is recently launched and all the information is accurate.


If you wish to get traffic to your website, you need to select topics which the users are searching. You have to find what users are asking search engines. How do you know that?

Here is how you can find it:

Go to Google and type your query like – How to write an article

You will get a list of websites that provide the sources

Scroll down and you will find a section ‘People also ask

Check out the questions – you can get your title from there

Scroll down further

You will find QA on Google – These can be your topics as well.

Scroll down further

You will find – Searches related to how to write an article

These can be your topics. So, these were some of the topics which people are searching on Google. If you create articles based on these topics, you are definitely going to answer the questions of your readers.


Quora – The question-answer site – we all know about Quora. Every day thousands of questions are posted on Quora and people seek answers. In fact, Quora is also one of the top sources of traffic for websites.

If you spend time on Quora, you will find hundreds of questions being posted on specific niches and categories. Spend time reading those questions and you will find that people do ask some common questions.

In one of my researches, I came across a large number of people asking questions like –

  1. How can I earn money from home without investment?
  2. How do I increase traffic to my website?

If you go through Quora, you will find many questions that are common. Make a list of all questions from Quora and you can prepare titles from them.

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This is something which most bloggers are not utilizing yet. Google Question Hub is one platform which collects a bundle of unanswered user questions and presents them to content creators, bloggers and writers.

Click here to register for Google Question Hub.

Thus, bloggers have a bunch of questions from users which will certainly bring them traffic and for which very little content is available online.

Google Question Hub is the platform that is helpful in finding the right topics, which helps writers to explore newer ideas and create content that readers wish to read.

If you haven’t tried Google Question Hub yet, give it a try because it is worth it and you will get some valuable blog titles.


Do you know that people love to read listicles? There are many reasons for the popularity of listicles. It is easy to read and answers are easily to find. Listicle articles always rank well, if written properly and offer value. Some of the most popular listicle titles can be like:

25 Reasons to try Green tea at home

31 Ways to eat fruits if you are not fond of them

15 reasons to start your blog now

10 ways to ensure you have peaceful sleep

15 easy microwave recipes if you cannot cook well

Aren’t all of these titles interesting? When you are writing a listicle, you need to write it in a way so that it triggers a thought in the mind of the reasons.

For example – 31 Ways to eat fruits if you are not fond of them

You might know how to have fruits on a regular basis – but if someone tells you about 31 ways, it’s truly something you will appreciate.


15 Easy Microwave Recipes if you cannot cook well

This article will interest people who are looking forward to recipes for the microwave and those who cannot cook well. It will also interest those who love cooking. It is one topic which can get interest from multiple people.

Thus, go ahead with your blog title selection.


It is true that most of us are in a hurry. We have to meet our schedule of updating a blog daily. We need to ensure that the blog is a long one and something which interests readers.

But, never rush through the process. You should not post a blog for the sake of posting. Always post it so that it is valuable to the readers and helps them.

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