Be a Motivated Blogger, Keep yourself Motivated to Write Consistently

It is easy to start blogging, but really tough to blog consistently. It is even more difficult when you have a full-time career to manage or when you have other commitments. How do you be a motivated blogger?

The key to successful blogging is ‘motivation’. You need to be motivated enough to blog on a regular basis. Consistency is the key to successful blogging. If you wish to have a steady stream of readers, you need to keep them engaged. You have to gain their curiosity, trust and eagerness to read your blog.

And believe me, this is never easy. But, it is something you can do, if you plan well.

How will you motivate yourself to blog regularly?

If you are a new blogger and this is your first blog, your foremost task will be to develop a writing habit. As a blogger, you have to update your blog regularly.

No – you do not have to update your blog daily, you can even update it twice a week or thrice a week. But, whatever you choose to do, you have to stick to the routine. That’s the only way to gain the trust and confidence of your readers.

I have some ideas for you – hope these will be helpful:

Have a Writing Calendar:

Just as you would follow a study schedule or routine in school, you can have a writing calendar. This way you will have a schedule to follow. You can plan your writing time, research time, and publishing time as well. Your calendar will help you in setting your blogging goals.

Plan your Writing Time:

You may have other commitments or a full-time job to manage. But, if you want to be a blogger, you need to have a writing time when you can sit down and write. So, choose the time of the day when you feel the most relaxed. You can also have a writing ritual. For example, make yourself a hot cup of coffee, take a sip and start writing. Make it a habit, even if it just one hour in a day. To be a successful blogger, you have to make it a habit.

Never Force Yourself Into Blogging:

Remember that you should blog because you want to blog. Become a blogger, if you are passionate about blogging. No one can force you to be a blogger. And if you love blogging, you will not need too much pampering to blog.

But yes, we all need that bit of push or nudge to get back on track. There is no harm in it. But, keep in mind that you should blog or write a post when you are not feeling like it, when you are too tired or just when it is not your day. You can never push yourself to write well. You cannot even rush yourself to write good content.

So, relax and never force yourself to blog.

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Think About Your Blogging Journey

Bloggers have a reason to start blogging. When one plans to start blogging, there are numerous desires and aspirations in mind. Why would you let them die?

Whenever you feel the need to motivate yourself, think about your blogging journey.

  • What was your reason to blog?
  • Did you fulfill your blogging aspirations?
  • Have you started working because you want to work from home?
  • Is it a way to your additional income?
  • Did you start blogging because you have always wanted to be a blogger?

Think about all those times when you were desperate about having a blog of your own.

Now you have a blog, you have written many posts – will it be worth giving up? Where do you see yourself after you give up? What about all the time and effort you spent on blogging, all this time?

Are you prepared to let it all go to waste?

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Read Comments and Interact with Your Audience

It is always inspiring to read what your audience has to say about you. You can read their comments, interact with them, answer their queries and ask them what they wish to read.

It is always inspiring when your readers request you to write something. And you can know what your readers feel about your posts.

It is certainly going to keep you motivated.

Collect Blog Ideas from your Readers

One of the many reasons for bloggers to lose motivation is that they do not find topics to blog. So, if you are finding it difficult to find good blog topics, collect ideas from the readers. Your readers are the best person to help you.

It is surely going to be fun when you start posting what readers want to read from you. And moreover, when you have a list of topics of what your readers want to read, it’s even more fun.

Ask Yourself Questions

If you feel demotivated and do not feel like blogging – you have to ask yourself questions. You have to find why you are demotivated or why you do not feel like blogging?

Once you have the answer to the questions, you will know how to overcome them and motivate yourself.

Question – How are you feeling and why you do not want to blog?


I do not feel like blogging today.

No topics in mind to write about

No one reads my blogs

I find it boring

What will happen if I skip today?

Now, analyze the answers. If it is a temporary problem, you can find a solution.

  1. No topics to write about? – Ask your readers, look for trending topics, see what other bloggers are writing, ask your friends
  2. No one reads my blogs? – Start promoting your blog. Promote your blogs on social sites and try SEO. Traffic increases with time
  3. I do not feel like blogging – Take a break and start blogging.


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Remember, whatever problem you are facing, there will be a solution to it. You just need to find a way.

QuestionIf blogging is your side income, how will you manage it?

Your answer – no matter what it is, remember that if you leave blogging you are going to miss out on a source of income. Are you prepared for that loss of income?

Why not give it a try once again.

If time is a problem, you can set a calendar for yourself and try and stick to it. Do not blog to just earn money or to bring traffic to your website. This will take time and if you choose just to blog for money, you may feel disheartened.

How do you keep yourself motivated when you feel low at work?


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