Content Writing Jobs – Find the Ideal Candidate

Looking for content writing jobs or you are looking for the right person for the vacancies in your office. If it is the latter, I can say your struggle is a lot more.

Ironically and quite surprisingly, this should not be the situation.

Ideally, this shouldn’t be a tough decision because we have so many educated, talented and trained youngsters all around us. If you have worked in any digital marketing company or any company which offers content writing services, you know the truth. Companies struggle to find the perfect candidate.

Have you ever wondered why?

Let me share my experience with you. I work in a digital marketing company and we have a great team of content writers. However, just as in the case of all companies the attrition rate is quite high. Thus, interviews for content writers are an ongoing process.  So, here is our story – our way to hire the right SEO content writer.

Where to find the right candidates for Content Writing Jobs?

Online job portals are the best places to find candidates. What you need to do is create your company profile on one such platform and put up an advertisement. There are several job portals and you can select one. Some of these are paid and many others are free.

So, if you are looking for candidates you can check online Job Portals like Monster, Naukri, Indeed, TimesJobs and a lot more. However, you have to put the right advertisement and be clear about your requirements. If your advertisement is not clear, you might not be able to get the attention of the right candidates.

How Should The Advertisement Be?

When you choose to place an advertisement for a content writer, your requirements should be clear. Here is an example, which will help in drawing the attention of the right candidate.

  • The candidate should have an excellent command of written and oral English.
  • Fresher/Experienced
  • Should have a flair for writing
  • Should have strong communication skills.
  • The ideal candidate should be well versed with computers.
  • Should be able to work in a team environment.
  • Should have a basic understanding of websites, content creation, and more.

and, do not forget to mention the salary range and location because this is what is most people. Whenever people look for content writing jobs, they first check out the salary and then the job location.

Content Writing Jobs – What will be the Job Responsibilities

Now, next comes the job profile. Unfortunately, in India, there are many people who are still not aware of what content writing is. There are many who believe that knowing English is enough and one can become a content writer if they can read or write English well.

No, this does not happen in reality. If this would be the scenario then everyone can be a successful content writer. It does not happen that way.

Job Description

This should describe the basic responsibilities of the writer. It must explain what is expected from the writer. For example, the writer will be responsible for creating high-quality and well-researched content in different niches. The writer might also have to edit and proofread articles. So, whatever the responsibility is, the job description should clearly mention it.

If the job description is clear, it will help in getting the attention of the writer. Besides, you will get applications from writers who are interested in the kind of job you have posted. Chances of getting irrelevant job posts are reduced. Thus, if you are looking forward to hiring content writers, you will have to scan through relevant CVs only.

Tips To Avoid Scam or Fake Content Writer Profiles

Yes, you have read it right. These days you might come across several fake profiles of content writers on various job portals. You might also receive different fake applications, especially if you have posted a requirement for freelance content writers.

So, here are a few things, which you should look out for:

  • Profile ID’s – Look for ID’s which have a photo of the candidate with a real name. Any profile with names such as MrWriter, Thebestwriter, or with no photo ID can be a fake ID.


  • No Portfolio – Whenever you receive an application from content writers, ensure that the candidate sends you some work samples which were published in his/her name. Thus, you will get an idea of the experience and the writing ability of the candidate.


  • Low Rates – If you are looking for good quality content writers, do not believe in writers who offer extremely low rates. Remember, it takes time to write a high-quality article and if you want a good piece of content, you need to pay a price for it.


  • A candidate who does not respond – When you try to get in touch with a candidate, ensure that the candidate shows interest in the job. If any candidate does not show interest in the work, does not respond to emails or take calls, it is better not to depend on such a candidate.

These were some of the many ways by which you can avoid a fake profile or the profile of a writer who does not have much interest in work.

The Interview Process of a Content Writer

Once you have shortlisted candidates, you have to prepare an interview process. The interview process should be able to scan the ability and skills of the writer. Also, it needs to be checked if the writer is genuinely interested in the job.

First Stage Interview:

  • Call or E-mail the candidate – When you call a candidate you will have a brief understanding if the candidate is interested in the job. If you e-mail the candidate and get a prompt reply, it means the candidate is really interested.


  • Schedule an interview – If you are able to get in touch with the candidate, you can explain the vacancy, the job role, and the expected salary. Once the candidate gets the information and shows interest, the interview can be scheduled.

Second Stage Interview:

This is a vital stage when you will need to check the writing ability of the candidate. There can be 2-3 types of written tests.


  • Writing Ability – The candidate can be given topics to write. These can be short paragraphs, long articles, rewrites, or anything related to the project.

Once the candidate clears both the stages, there can be –

Third Stage of Interview:

In this stage, there is the main negotiation related to the salary, working hours, incentives, and others.

So, is there any kind of training for freshers?

It is true that perfection comes with time and when freshers start writing the first time, they might need time to time. Content writers need to grasp and understand a few things. Thus, every company, whether old or new should give the writers a bit of time to adjust.

There are several content writing courses offered by reputed companies which help freshers learn the skills of content writing. Thus, if you wish, you can also start an inhouse training for the benefit of your fresher writers.

Go ahead and hire the ideal candidate for your job. With the right candidate, you will be able to complete your projects successfully.

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