Copywriter – Jobs, Responsibilities and Career Scope

Looking forward to being a copywriter?

Of course, it’s a lucrative career with immense growth opportunities. But remember, just like every other profession, you have to be prepared to work hard, keep learning, and face challenges.

And don’t worry, you will be rewarded for it, and quite well.

Okay, let’s understand everything about copywriting, job scope, salaries, responsibilities and everything else that is in your mind.

What exactly does a copywriter do?

Many of us do not clearly understand what a copywriter does or what the responsibilities of a copywriter are. The job responsibilities of a copywriter include writing clear and compelling copies for different mediums. These include writing newsletters, blog posts and ads.

A copywriter is also responsible for conducting research and associated interviews. The copywriter also works with creative professionals so that campaigns and marketing projects can be created.

So, if it is a job brief or an ad inviting applications from copywriters, you can expect something like this.

(Company Name) is looking for a talented creative copywriter to work on different projects. The ideal candidate should be able to write concise and clear ad copies or content for websites and different publications. As a copywriter, you will be responsible for informing and engaging your target audience.

We are looking for a skilled candidate with an eye for details and who can work in a team.  Freshers are welcome. If you are experienced, do not forget to share some of your work details.

Online Copywriting Jobs

Due to the ongoing pandemic, companies are now looking for work from home writers. Thus, you might not have to be present for your physical interview, but it will be conducted online. Thus, for online copywriting jobs, you might have to submit some of your writing samples.

So, if you are experienced or if you believe you have some good samples to show, keep them handy and organized. Thus, when your interviewer asks you for it, you can easily display some of your best works. You can also include links to your portfolio or content in the application.

Copywriter Eligibility

Copywriting is a lucrative career option with huge growth potential. So, if you want to be a professional copywriter, you must first understand if you are eligible for it. Here are a few things:


If you are applying for a senior position, you should ideally have relevant experience. If you are experienced, be prepared with your work samples as well because companies will want to see your past work.

Writing Skills:

Of course, if you want to be a professional copywriter, you should have strong writing, editing as well as proofreading skills. Apply, only when you have strong writing skills. Besides, you should be willing to write different types of content as well.

SEO Knowledge:

To become a successful copywriter, you need to have good SEO knowledge. Any copywriter needs to incorporate keywords and keep in mind SEO optimization factors when creating content. Thus, basic SEO knowledge is absolutely necessary when creating content.

Researching Skills:

Knowing how to research well is one skill that needs to be mastered. Researching with the wrong keywords will not help you in finding the content you require. You will never get relevant and enough content, if you do not know how to research properly.

Time Management :

When any copywriter is given a task, it is expected that he/she will complete the task within a certain time. There are deadlines to be met almost daily if you choose to work as a professional writer. Besides this, you might have to do several other tasks. Thus, time management is one skill which every copywriter needs to have.

There are many people who are reluctant to pursue a copywriting career, because they are not sure, if copywriting is a good career option.

Well – remember, if you are dedicated and love to write, you will be a successful copywriter. As a copywriter, you can earn in different ways.

  • Become a full-time professional copywriter
  • Be a part-time copy-writing
  • Be a freelance copywriter
  • Have your own copywriting business

Is Copywriting a Good Career Option?

Yes, undoubtedly, if offers a satisfying and rewarding career. But, as in the case of everything else, one needs to keep learning and improving copywriting skills. There is plenty to learn and earn if you choose to Copywrite as a career option.

It is the way to make money

We all wish for money and success in our careers. Any copywriter works to create copies that help in bringing sales. If your hard work brings sales or conversions for the company, you are going to be paid well.

If you are close to sales, there are chances of earning high commissions. I know copywriters whose content or sales copies bring sales. These writers are always in great demand because their copies sell. Such writers can always demand higher salaries and fees because they can justify their costs.

If a copy written by you brings in conversions and sales, your company wouldn’t mind giving you a hike. Isn’t it?

Freelance Copywriting Benefits

If for some reason you do not wish to work as a professional full-time copywriter, you can pursue your career as a freelance copywriting expert as well. In case you work as a freelance copywriter, you do not have to worry about losing your job.

If you are employed as a full-time writer, you can be fired but not when you are a freelancer.

Now the most important question – what different jobs are you can apply for when you choose to become a copywriter. If you check out any job portal which offers opportunities for youngsters, you will be surprised to know that there are several opportunities available.

Copywriter Jobs – Description and Role

Here are some of the many job options available and opportunities for copywriters:

SEO Copywriter

  • An SEO copywriter is one who writes content for ensuring high ranks in search engine results.
  • The role of an SEO copywriter involves placing the right keywords with articles and ads. The purpose is an optimization that helps in bringing the client’s product up in search engine results.
  • The work of an SEO copywriter involves bringing in more visibility so that it is possible to create the brand name of the company.

Marketing Copywriter

  • A marketing copywriter ensures that the individual has enough knowledge and know-how so that the public can be influenced.
  • Ensures that trends are considered when writing ads
  • The consumer needs are addressed when creating ads

As a marketing copywriter, you will be writing the text for use in online ads and in various billboards.

Creative Copywriter

  • Copywriters are expected to write a creative story in a snappy, short, and memorable way. The main objective is to catch the attention of the public.
  • The primary task of a creative copywriter is the creation of a brand.
  • The job of a creative copywriter is usually advertising-based.

Technical Copywriter

A technical copywriter is a person who has good knowledge about one industry or field. These people are usually found in the healthcare and technology fields. If you wish to pursue a technical copywriter, you need to have good knowledge about a specific industry or field. This can be related to healthcare and technology.

Now, once you are aware of the positions, you might think where are these employment opportunities for the copywriter? Those who are interested in copywriting can find all of these positions in

  • Print media
  • Different advertising agencies
  • PR and Advertising firms
  • Market research
  • Multinational advertising firms
  • Television and commercial radio

Copywriting Examples

Copywriting is one of the high in-demand jobs.

Have you ever signed up for a dating site? It is probably because you loved a great tagline which you noticed somewhere.

If you have ever visited a website, to find out more about a FREEBIE available for the first 10 people who did something, you have probably done that because of the work done by a copywriter.

You must have seen this tagline –

It’s fingerlicking Good That’s the tagline of KFC

Apple Tagline saysThink Different!

These are all the hard work of great copywriters which became the symbol of the brand!

Read about Top 20 Copywriters of the world!

Remote Copywriting Jobs

Yes, you can become a remote copywriter and earn quite well. If copywriting is your passion but for some reason you cannot leave your present job, you can work as a remote copywriter.

You can work on weekends or after your office hours. Once you approach any organization for remote copywriting jobs, you just to explain your working hours.

There are hundreds of companies looking for talented copywriters. You will never face any dearth of job opportunities.

Where Can you Learn Copywriting FREE?

You can learn copywriting online as there are several online copywriting courses available. However, remember that you can always learn the basics of copywriting, but in the long run you have to hone your skills. Practice brings in perfection and you need to practice a lot.

If you want to start your Copywriting career, begin NOW!



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