Freelance Content Writing Career and Jobs – Know where you can get stuck

The raging pandemic and job losses all over the world have forced many of us to work from home. Freelance content writing is certainly a great career if you fulfill the requirements.

What kind of requirements?

To be a successful freelance content writer, you definitely need some skills and abilities. You can write because you love to, but making a full-fledged career in writing, that too, work from home can be quite challenging.

  • English should be strong and fluent
  • Ability to research/analyze and comprehend information
  • Desire to learn
  • Patience and perseverance to write the same things again and again
  • Desire to work long hours

Yes, as a content writer, you do not have to go to any office to work. Your home can be your office and you are your own boss. To start a freelance content writing career, you will need:

  • A laptop or computer
  • Strong internet connection

Yes, that is all!

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Job Opportunities:

Now, if you are working as a freelance content writer, you have different options –

  • Part-time writer
  • Full-time writer
  • Project wise writing assignment

Freelance Content Writing Jobs- How to earn as a freelance writer

The Biggest Challenge

However, the biggest challenge for any writer is finding jobs. You cannot sit back and relax if you have a project in hand because the project might end at any time. What will you do then?

In my experience, I have seen freelancers bagging projects which promise to be long-term but suddenly the client changes mind and does not want to continue. The sad part is that for the client it is just one mail. For the freelancer, it is an income – a way to make both ends meet.

Thus, even if you have a long-term project in hand that seems to be quite promising, you should never stop searching for new projects. In fact, if you feel, you cannot handle so much work, why not make a team of writers?

It is always a pleasure when you have a team that works for you.

Now, that you know where you can get stuck, I have a few suggestions for you. This is completely from my experience of years in freelancing.


Believe me, I have been taken aback several times. I had clients who had big flourishing businesses. They promised full-time work and loads of work. I had one client who even asked me to join his company virtually.

Everything went well in the initial week. The client had plenty of work for me and it was quite overwhelming. I even started thinking about quitting my full-time job. Who would do a full-time stressful job when making money from home was so easy?

Thank God, my dad advised me, not to believe in my client. He said, work hard a bit, work more, and see how things turn up.

True to his words, I received a message in the second week that the client is working on a new SEO strategy and he will be halting work for quite some time. He promised to return with double work.

But, as I write, I never heard from him again. So, remember, it is just a simple line and your work can stop forever.

Lesson Number 1- Never believe your client and never stop looking for new work.


These days there are several freelancing sites available. Besides, these sites you might have several contacts who are giving you assignments. You might be working for a company – but never feel settled.

You never know – the company might wind up. If you have an account on an online freelancing platform like Upwork, you might just have your account deleted or suspended suddenly.

I have faced this once, and believe me it shattered me. No matter how shattered or broken you are, you will get help only from yourself. So, be careful and never depend on one source of source.

Lesson Number 2 – Never Depend on Single Income Source – Look for Multiple Sources


A content writer should never stop learning. You might be successful in your life and earning well but that does not mean you can stop learning. There are many new skills, trends, and requirements we get to see daily. There are several things you can learn which can boost your career.

If you feel you know it all, why not learn a new language? Isn’t that a great idea? You can take up assignments in different languages which will increase your income.

If you are just starting a career in content writing, you can take up new courses. Enrolling in a course will not guarantee you work, but it will certainly help your growth and development.

Have a look at the prospects of online course below:

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Lesson Number 3 – It is never too late to learn. Never stop learning

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