Freelance Content Writing Jobs- How to earn as a freelance writer

“So, you have studied English” – “You love writing?

Why not try your hands in content writing?”

I must have heard this at least a hundred times to get convinced that ‘content writing’ is just for me. Yes, I studied English and I loved writing; IT is currently one of the most lucrative sectors in India. My city Kolkata, has a dedicated IT sector where the qualified and elite work round the clock, drawing hefty packages. Of course, I too wanted to join the bandwagon.


It didn’t take me long to find my first job as a content writer. Writing blogs, articles, press releases, sales copies…and so on became
a part of my daily life…but I wondered what next? Is this I am supposed to day from now?

After learning the basics, gaining experience and learning all the necessary tricks, I finally decided I needed to do something for
myself. I had the skills, I was ready to work long hours and I communicated well – why not be my own boss?

And this is how my journey started!

It’s an interesting journey I must stay! However, the challenges just as in all other creative jobs, are too many!

The first challenge: How to get the writing assignments?

Well – if you have the answer to this question, half your work is done. If you are into freelancing and looking for freelance writing
opportunities, you need to look for opportunities to get paid as a writer. Here too, you need to find a reliable company which will pay you for writing. There are hundreds of companies which will take all your work and disappear. So, stay away from such sources.

If you are looking for some reliable options, you can try some top freelance writing sites:


A freelance writing site, where you need to bid on projects. There are thousands of freelancers competing. You need to bid on different projects and if your profile is convincing, you will be definitely awarded the project. 


This is another popular platform for freelance writers. If you have all the skills and can work hard, then this platform can be of great help. Perseverance and hard work are all that needed! Create your Freelancer profile now and explore the opportunities.


Well, this is not one of those websites where you can start earning quickly, but it is certainly the place where you can upload your articles or blogs. 

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There are several more websites which offer great options, but you need to be careful before you start writing.

Once you register and create your account, the next important task is to create your profile and portfolio.  Your profile is something your client will see, before you are hired. Thus, you need to be honest, clear and keep it brief. Mention your background, experience and key skills. It is important to sound convincing, but never go over promotional.

The crucial part is portfolio. You need to have a strong portfolio, where you can showcase your writing ability. If you have written for websites previously, you can include the links. You can also upload a few work samples, so that your probable clients have an idea of your work…and yes, keep changing your portfolio.

Once you are accustomed and started receiving projects, the next challenge is to maintain your performance and I must say this is a real
tough job.

Clients can be mean – they might immensely love your work, praise you immensely but at the end offer a three star feedback. Well – there is
little you can do. So, my suggestion is do your best and let the feedbacks flow in. However, if someone is mean and offers a completely wrong review, do not forget to put down your side of the story as well. Let others know that clients
can be wrong as well.

Now the question comes, how much do you get paid as a freelance content writer? Is it enough to make a living?

Well – everything depends on how hard you work! Here are a few factors which can determine your earnings:

  • How much time you can dedicate in a day?
  • Your quality of work
  • How quickly you can write?
  • What kind of articles do you choose?
  • How many clients do you have?

The life of a freelance content writer is full of challenges, hard work but it is indeed a beautiful journey. If you love writing
on different topics, you are going to enjoy your work.

Create Your Portfolio

So, now that you know about the different ways to start earning as a freelance writer, what are you waiting for? It is time to get started and begin your applications. Now, when you want to become a freelance writer, the first thing you need to do is create a great portfolio for yourself.

A portfolio will help in showcasing your talent to those who hire you. It will help in displaying your expertise and will also provide a glimpse of the different articles you have written. Thus, remember to create a very strong portfolio because this will work as the sales agent of your business.

There are many companies that do excellently mainly because of their portfolio. They are able to show their best projects, articles and publications to their clients which helps in getting the projects.

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