How Can New Bloggers Start – Free Blogging Platforms to Get Started

Are you aspiring to be a blogger and start your blog on a budget? Then you must know about the free blogging platforms to get started.

We all are pretty aware that blogging can help in earning along with several other advantages. However, when anyone is starting new and doesn’t have an established business, it becomes difficult to invest money straight away. In such a situation, people look for free blogging platforms.

If yes, there are several websites that you can choose to get your deal done. In the current times, several platforms can help you create and build your website based on your needs.

Regardless of your goal, you can simply check the best solutions from these platforms. This article covers some of these free blogging platforms best suited for anyone. So keep reading to check out which one will be preferred for your needs.

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The most popular blogging platform based on numbers is surely WordPress. Even before WordPress was launched as a website building solution, it was exclusive to blogging.

The flexibility and ability to expand your features in WordPress are phenomenal. Customers using this platform can also channel their inner creativity by using the differentiated themes from the platform. Most of these themes are also completely free, making them the best solution for everyone’s use.

If you are a beginner, you can surely start as a free user and then look for a subscription.

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Do you have a passion for both blogging and publishing simultaneously? If yes, your best opportunity to fulfil both of these demands is surely Medium.

You can essentially sign up here and start your posting and blogging game now as a writer. An essential benefit of Medium is that you can feature your content to the readers completely free of cost. This feature does not involve any hidden charges and directly earns traffic on your post. The built-in community of medium is also effective enough to change your blogging dream into success in no time.


This is a completely new platform that has grown quickly over the years. Substack has developed as a platform to build blogging into better functions. Once you start blogging at Substack, the writeups after being posted on the website also go to each email subscriber.

The best advantage of using this platform is that it focuses on generating better-paid subscriptions with its in-built features. Any customer can use Substack completely free until you look for charging amounts for your writeup. Once you have decided to charge for your content, Substack will generate and take 10% of the users.


This site is also very similar to WordPress, and it is completely free and open-source. Anyone can install it on their web browser and use the same for their benefit. However, unlike WordPress, Ghost is completely focused on simply publishing and blogging details. This also includes some built-in features to help users benefit from blogging on this platform. You can even monetize your blog through the use of this platform.


This is a complete website-building platform that also has the additional blogging feature. There are several people who know that Wix is best for paid plans. However, in reality, Wix also provides you with free plans that are effective to use. You can drag and use Wix to drop essential edits in place. There is also website building functionality that helps in better blogging abilities for beginners.


This is also a free website builder software that includes blogging and other features. If you decide to use Weebly, you can check the drop and drag option and dedicatedly use it for your use. You need to remember when using Weebly that you can custom upgrade the name of the domain if you subscribe or use the paid version. It is very easy to start at Weebly, just register and select the template of your choice, and get started.

Now, you are aware of the latest free blogging platforms. So, choose the one you prefer the most and start blogging today!

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