How Do you Write YouTube Descriptions for your Vlog

The favourite pastime for most people in the current times is to browse through their YouTube videos section. Most of these videos are generally the ones that keep us entertained. But have you ever noticed the description section of YouTube? If yes, then you might be aware of the value it carries.

A YouTube video description is a portion that consists of a definite summary of a video. There are mostly two specific descriptions: the video and channel one. Each YouTube video consists of both details in particular.

In most cases, these descriptions also work as meta descriptions for videos. Let’s check out some most effective tips that you need to know when writing these descriptions.

Make the first 200 characters count

This is not known to many people, but the first 200 characters are the main focus of every video description. The total space for each description is indeed about 5000 characters. But the maximum importance is fetched by the first 200 characters. This is because these 200 characters are directly seen above the fold in every YouTube channel. Therefore, when writing the video description, make it a point to include the most crucial keywords along with the appropriate tags in the description.

Repeat the video keywords

Everyone is aware of the importance of keywords in SEO and YouTube video descriptions. Using the right keyword can make or break your work to a great extent. One of the best ways to handle the keywords is to use a google keyword planner and follow it. Now, make it a point that all the video-based keywords are properly sprinkled throughout the content, including the description. This will enhance the process in a better way to handle it.

Adding complementary keywords

Targeting similar keywords and working on them is not the entire thing. You also need to work with the complementary ones to a certain level. The additional keywords are usually targeted to the primary keywords but are deeply valued. For example, if you are using eco-friendly products, you can use complimentary keywords like green, earth, and zero waste to top it off your list of video descriptions.

Adding call-to-action links

The best way to handle when working with video descriptions is to work with the help of your social media handles. Use separate links with the call to action with official social media platforms. These additional links that you are adding can work as a call to action to direct blog posts and general information value. The proper addition of the value can help you with the right default-based setting.

Select default video settings

A common reason why most people feel it is difficult to fill the video description for each video is laziness. This could be effectively handled if you know exactly what to do and ensure the same. The best way to process it is by working with default settings. If you have a channel that is posting similar content regularly, just feel free to copy-paste the description of the setting and paste it regularly. This will keep each of your videos completed with a description and reach the perfect customers.

Choose to write with emotions.

The last thing your readers require is to read about a description that is only jammed with repeating keywords. This is frustrating and makes the entire thing much less enjoyable. Instead, you need to concentrate on writing with proper emotions to which everyone can relate and connect. Make it a point to hook up the user using the first 200 characters and then formulate the right keyword density management.

Lastly, don’t forget to use hashtags ideally to keep the right engagement among customers and readers. It will improve the SEO value and reach a better rank as well.



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