How Instant Messaging Apps Fare as a Business Opportunity for Digital Marketing?

Instant messaging has always been accessible to smartphone users since its origin and it continued to improve with time and with the advancements of technology. But our world is constantly changing and so are the patterns of online shoppers all over the world.

Now that e-commerce is one of the biggest players out there, there is no surprise to see technology-rich interfaces being used by iconic companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. But a majority of shoppers crave human interaction that helps them come to a decision while buying stuff online.

To achieve this, many brands have started using messaging apps to have meaningful interactions with customers and therefore it has opened doors for exploration from a digital marketing perspective.

Why are messaging apps hot for e-commerce right now?

If you have ever checked the top global apps list you would know that the leading ones are surprisingly instant messaging (IM) apps. Apps like Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp have a userbase of billions living in several countries. The pace at which people are flocking towards messaging apps is indicated by its 12% annual increase.

The following information gives readers a quick glance at the plausible reasons why messaging apps are a great match for marketing:

  • These are made highly accessible for people of all backgrounds to catch on quickly and without any help. Some messaging apps have features like last seen, typing indication, etc.
  • IM has always been free of cost application which requires that comes with a quick sign-up feature. As compared to the old-school texting option, instant messaging is quite affordable.
  • Through instant messaging, you can not only text another person but also share media like images and videos. This function makes instant messaging more personal and fun.
  • Data privacy is another reason why people have turned to instant messaging leaving behind texting. Apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger comes with end-to-end data encryption.
  • Some apps allow cross-platform messaging using which an account holder could chat with their friends who use a different messaging app.

Some opportunities presented by messaging apps for digital marketing

Given the advantages of using instant messaging and its rising popularity, it makes complete sense to use it in various digital marketing strategies. Below are some methods to make the most of instant messaging apps for online brands:

Increasing engagement and conversion rate

The prime objective of digital marketing is to enhance a business image and bring a higher percentage of daily conversions. Any potential customer could transform into a lead by getting them to interact and build trust. This can be using a brand instant messaging service where interested individuals could inquire about any particular product/service. Using an instant messaging app for this would shorten response time and increase the response rate.

Reach more consumers daily

Every brand needs to reach a greater number of target audiences with suitable and personalised content to be able to cater for a higher number of customers. Since billions of people already use some of the leading instant messaging apps, a digital marketing professional can create targeted messages and share them on popular social platforms to generate more impressions and reach more audiences that could be interested in a particular brand

Give users personalised interaction

Humans crave personalised interactions no matter if it is online or offline. That is why instant messaging is a great tool for digital marketing. People avoid faceless companies and those brands which lack a human representative that could interact with customers new or old.

Through instant messaging, your audience would have a personal and more human-like interaction that would improve their buying experience. It is also a dependable customer support channel.

Properly segment your target audience

To properly target your audience, segmentation is necessary and instant messaging could help you achieve that with little effort. Nowadays, messaging apps have a feature that allows users to share a certain type of content. It can be shared with a person or a relatively small group of people.

The results such as impressions and reactions can be checked in real-time. This can be for an unlimited number of small groups of potential customers.

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