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Plagiarism means copying a writer’s opinion, expression or concept and using it to create your own content. It is reflected as academic duplicity and considered as a breach of journalistic morals. Plagiarism can make a writer face consequences like a penalty, sanction or even open up a further investigation which can result in expulsion from a job or institute.

Although plagiarism is considered a crime, it does not mean that you cannot use information from online or offline sources. It is necessary to use them to add quality to your content and form a creative piece of work. A writer can take information and get inspired from another content but cannot copy it totally.

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This is the reason why plagiarism tools are used by a writer. A plagiarism tool helps you to find out the plagiarism ratio of your work from various sources. There are a lot of plagiarism tools that can be found online, so here are the top three tools that content writers use.


Duplichecker is a free to use tool that offers you to check your content for originality easily. With the free version, you can check up to 50 contents per day which are perfect unless you are checking contents in a massive amount. You can only check 1000 words at a time if you copy and paste the text directly into the application and depending on the length of your content, Duplichecker takes a little bit of time to scan and check your content.

It gives you the benefit of copying and pasting your content, uploading a document or entering a URL to check the whole webpage. Once you check, you will be able to see percentage of original and plagiarized text in your content. It also offers you suggestions on how you can rewrite your content to make it unique from others.


Plagramme is a free plagiarism checker tool that boasts for is speed and accuracy. It helps you to find all sorts of plagiarized content for review and correction and allows you to visualize duplicate text by underling and changing the colour of your font which is quite handy. It uses an open database of unscholarly content available on the internet which makes it valuable for anyone writing for any webpage. The best thing is you do not have any word limit for checking your content. Although it is free, you need to sign in with an account.


Mostly known for spelling and grammar checkers, Grammarly also offers a plagiarism tool. The free version of Grammarly does not let you check for plagiarism. If you upgrade to the paid version of Grammarly, you can only check webpage writing for plagiarism. Grammarly uses artificial intelligence to provide suggestions based on your context.

There are many tools online to check plagiarism and it is important to check for plagiarism in your content. Many writers, take hours to write a creative piece and copying from their piece means disrespecting them and it also helps you to develop better writing skills which would be great in the long run.

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