How To Get Traffic To Your NEW Blog Yourself Without Investment

Your interest in this post means you have a blog and no one or very few people are actually visiting it. You are wondering how to get traffic to your blog fast and if it is actually possible. First, let us answer the question – Yes, you can do it yourself without additional investment.

Most of us create posts with great enthusiasm but only to realize that they are not getting noticed. If Google does not notice your blog, how will your readers come to know about them? All your efforts go down the drain.

In this blog, we talk about everything that can help you to get traffic to your blog post fast. But remember that this is a time-consuming process and does not happen overnight. You will have to work towards your blog promotion consistently, using the right process. Let us explore some options.

How to get your blog noticed by Google?

That is something really important which most bloggers do not pay much attention to. Do you know that there are more than 20 ways you can help your blogsite get noticed by Google?

Target your Website Pages to Specific Keywords

When you are creating a page, you must ensure that the website is targeting a topic. You can do the much-needed keyword research to get the relevant keywords that have a high search volume. You can then use these keywords in the meta tags and your page content. It increases the opportunity to get noticed by Google.

Ensure That Google Can Crawl Your Pages Easily

Google works very hard. It continuously crawls, keeps indexing pages, and updates its existing page profile. It is your duty to ensure that Google finds your website easily, adds your website to its index, and can also retrieve it for different searches.

To ensure that this happens – you must do a few things:

  • Technical SEO audit – This will ensure that there are no problems with indexation.
  • Internal links – If your website pages are well-linked, it gets easier to crawl them.
  • Keywords – Ensure that keywords are used in the meta title, meta description, URL, and also image tags

Write Valuable Blog Posts

Never write a blog for adding additional pages. Google loves blog posts that offer helpful or useful information. If people start trusting your blog, they will keep coming back again and again. This will help your website to get noticed.

Do Not Miss Adding your Website to Important Online Directories

You must get noticed and for this, there are tons of channels where you can create your profile and add your website.

Are the titles compelling?

When you are creating titles, you need to add keywords that help searchers and Google in their identification. However, it is also about getting noticed, it is not about being identified just. Thus, if you wish to be noticed, it is important to find titles that stand out.

Remember, if you have a compelling title, it helps a lot in increasing the click-through rate. So, these were some of the many things which you can do to get noticed by Google.

Grow Traffic to Blog – Easy and Proven Ways

So, getting back to the main topics, how to grow traffic to a blog and what are some of the easy and proven ways of doing so?

Create an Editorial Calendar

Bloggers should always have an editorial calendar because it takes consistent efforts to create one successful blog. If you have a calendar, you will be able to stick to it. These can be Trello or Asana and they are available with many tools, which can help you to plan your game well.

  • Never push yourself too hard to increase your posts count. If you are just starting to write, you can start by writing two articles in a week.
  • You have to be regular – so grow at your own pace.
  • You can add keyword ideas, content structure, and notes. These help in creating high-quality content.
  • You might also use features like categories, tags, and even colors which will ensure that your content is well organized and visual.

Never Compromise on Content Quality

Search engines value high quality. Any comprehensive topics which cover all aspects are certainly the most useful.

Pillar articles are the most valuable ones, and these are long-form articles. Aim to create pillar content for your blog.

  • Pillar content can be a listicle, it can be an opinion piece, how-to article, tutorial, or more.
  • These are in-depth articles that are comprehensive and cover every aspect of the articles.
  • Such articles are evergreen and not time-dependent. However, to keep them coming up on various search engine results, you can have them updated time and again.

Backlinks are a Must for Traffic

Keep generating quality backlinks because they play a major role in Google rankings. Backlinks are tough to get for everyone. If you have been struggling with backlinks, here are some tips.

  • You can write guest posts on websites and blogs.
  • Do take part in different activities which involve building backlinks.

FAQ – How to Get Traffic to My Blog?

Can I get blog traffic FREE?

Yes, there are several ways to create backlinks free.

How do I get free traffic to my blog?

Invest your time in various link-building strategies. You can create business profiles, create listings, post guest articles, distribute press releases, and more.

How do blogs get traffic for beginners?

  • Beginners need to post high-quality blogs on a regular basis.
  • Posts can be shared on different social media accounts.
  • Utilize SEO techniques for basic link-building purposes.

How can I increase my blog traffic in 2021?

  • Post high-quality useful content regularly.
  • Invest time in keyword research. Use keywords in your blogs, in the titles, sub-headings, article body, and more.
  • Write SEO optimized content ( use images, write meta tags, titles, description)
  • Promote your blog on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.
  • Build backlinks for your blog.

To increase traffic to your blog in 2021, you have to work very hard and be very consistent in your efforts. This does not happen in a day but takes a lot of time.

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What are some of the places to promote your blog?

If you have just started a blog and you are finding it tough to bring traffic, try the following places to promote.

  • Quora – The common QA Answer where you can promote your blog.
  • Facebook – You can create FB groups related to your niche. Create pages and share your content online.
  • Medium – The platform where you can share useful articles and blogs.
  • Pinterest – Create pins and promote your blog
  • Instagram – Create an online profile, keep posting regularly and slowly build your brand’s followers.

Remember, it takes three to four months to get results. So, do not lose hope or faith and continue with your linkbuilding efforts.

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