How to Increase Instagram Reels View Count?

Instagram’s reels were first released in August of 2020. This attempt was designed to compete with TikTok, a popular platform for sharing short videos. And with time, it has yielded some fantastic benefits. Reels were the first to grasp the massive market in India after TikTok was banned. Through Reels, Instagram has been providing a lot of organic boost to their users, which has resulted in the growth of these Instagram accounts. If you use the appropriate tactics, you can quickly earn a lot of views on your reels and expand your account’s reach.

In this article, we will take you through some of the effective ways that can help increase the views of your reels.

Share your Reels in Explore Page

Once you complete modifying your content, hit the “Share” button. Before you do that, go to the middle of the page and select an additional option called “Share to Reels in Explore.” Every month, more than half of all Instagram accounts visit the Explore feature. If you share your reels here, you’ll have a better chance of gaining more followers and eventually, your reels would get more views.

Make Valuable Content

You must publish clips that provide viewers with some kind of value. Many reels with instructional content that helps consumers gain knowledge are likely to become viral. Also, it is heavily dependent on the specialty in which you work. Determine which kind of content performs best in your niche. Then you can try and replicate it while adding a few of your own points to make it look more original. Make your material succinct and to the point.

Use Attractive Music

Reels also have a feature that lets you add music clips to your video content. Users can select music from Instagram’s music library and add them to their content. Apart from adding music, you can also use live audio as background music by recording it. Popular reels have a large number of views and likes, so utilizing its trendy music will help boost the views and likes of your reel.

Post Reels on a Regular Basis

One of the most important aspects of getting better outcomes with Instagram Reels is regularity. Reels are still a very new feature for Instagram, and they’re constantly eager to try out new things. Hence, posting content on a regular basis might help to obtain the visibility you need via Instagram. You have a greater chance of appearing in the reels feed if you publish more and more content. It also lets Instagram know that you are actively using this feature.

Use Proper Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to generate some organic traffic to your content. These hashtags inform Instagram what the video is about, and the material is pinned/tagged to that hashtag. As a result, Instagram presents your content to the people who are most interested in it, and eventually, you can gain more views on Instagram reels. Always make sure to include only hashtags that are related to your material in your reels.


Instagram reels in indeed a new feature that is helping a lot of businesses and brands to grow. Now that you know how to manage your reels, begin uploading your videos and get an ample amount of views in no time.

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