How to Make Money Writing Blogs, Reviews, Articles

Are you a student or a stay-at home mom?

No matter what you do for your living, if you love to write, you can make money writing from home.

No, this is no trap where you would have to register yourself or pay certain fees. You can make money writing high-quality content for businesses who will use your articles, blogs, and reviews for the growth and promotion of their business.

The current pandemic has made our work from home lives easier. In India, any work-from-home career was not given much importance and was not even considered as an experience by many companies and organizations. But the pandemic has introduced work from home in a completely different way. Probably, this is the right time to start your career because nearly 75% of the world population is currently working from home.

You will find many ways to write and earn money from home. What you can write – we can talk about this a bit later.

If you are dedicated, hard-working, and sincere, then you can make money writing reviews, blogs, articles – and more from home.

Now, what do you need to do about it?

How to Make Money Writing

Now, if you love to write, your opportunities are limited. But first, you have to think about what you enjoy writing because professionally, you can write a number of things and earn money. But to do it continuously, you must love the work and hence, you must write something which you enjoy.

Sounds confusing? No, do not be, it is all so easy. Let us know about the writing options first.

Write Blogs & Articles for Websites

This is one of the most common ways to make money writing. You can write content for businesses who need articles or content for different reasons. Companies require blogs/articles/content –

  • For their link building efforts
  • As website content
  • For their blog posts
  • For sending emails
  • In the form of product descriptions and a lot more.

Most companies choose to hire writing professionals for getting their blogs written. Blogs are ideally published once or twice a week and sometimes monthly as well. Thus, based on the requirement of the client, you can get your order.

Blogs are written for various purposes and as a writer, you need to first understand the purpose of these blogs.

You might be asked to write a blog that –

  • Acts as a communication link between the company and its audience
  • It is updated on a regular basis, keeping in mind the SEO factors

Or for any other purpose.

Now, as a writer, you can write blogs on various niches. Some of the most common niches include:

  • Health and fitness
  • Food and recipes
  • Travel
  • Beauty and style
  • Government, politics, latest news

Thus, when you are applying for a blog or article writing job, you have the advantage of selecting a niche.

Let us help you with an example:

Suppose you love to cook, you enjoy watching food videos, discussing food and love to visit new places and taste new cuisines. It means you would love to write about food.

Now, being a writer, you can earn money by writing about everything related to food.

In case you are wondering, what you might be asked to write about food or recipes, here are some topics which you can blog about in the food niche:

  • 5 Oats smoothie recipes for a healthy start
  • How do you cook restaurant style biryani?
  • 10 ways to include fruits in your diet
  • How to finely chop onions without tears

Yes, isn’t it interesting – you will be writing what interests you and earn money from what you love to write.

Now, what will be the payment option? You can be paid per article basis, per word basis, or even project-wise. This is usually decided between you and your client.

Writing Product or Service Reviews

These days product reviews are quite in demand. Before buying anything that interests us, we tend to do a quick product review online. Whether it is an electronic gadget, a new dress you like, an appliance for your kitchen, a camera which you want to buy, hotels where you wish to stay, and even restaurants where you wish to have food.

As a product or service review writer, you will be asked to provide a review after considering all aspects of the business. Most often, you might be asked to provide a positive review because you will be hired by the owners who would always want good reviews.

Review writing is quite interesting because you might also get to use some products for free, especially beauty products. Thus, you not just get to keep the product with you but you can also get paid to write the review.

However, you have to be careful and stay away from fake or poor quality products because your reputation will be at stake.

For example, you are reviewing a beauty cream, without knowing how good it is or even without gathering much information, you can mislead your users.

Here are some examples of review article titles

  • (Mobile Brand) Latest Addition – (Model Name) Features/ Specifications
  • Top 2 anti-hair fall oils
  • 5 Best budget mobile phones with 20+ megapixel cameras
  • Best Natural Creams for Suntan Reduction
  • Top 5 Halal restaurants in Delhi

These were some of the most common types of articles and blogs which you can write. Besides these, you can earn money by:

Writing Guest Posts for Others

You can write guest posts for others who have a blog or a website. You can be asked to write your own experience or your expert viewpoints on a subject.

Well, if you ask about my experience, I have written several guest posts for companies offering content writing services.

Some of the most common topics are –

  • Content writing career prospects
  • Can you make a living as a content writer?
  • Honing your content writing skills
  • 10 reasons content writers will never lose their jobs

And yes, guest posts get paid well. You can speak in advance if you are going to be paid for the guest post. If yes, you can write. Thus, it is an opportunity to earn money by doing something you love.

Writing General Articles for Guest blogging or Branding

Companies need articles for many reasons. They need articles talking about their brands and various products and services for promotional purposes and for SEO. These articles use keywords and often come with a specific set of instructions.

Articles that are written for branding or promotion are of high-quality, they talk about the various advantages of using the products and services.

As a writer, you can ask clients to send you articles in bulk on different niches. This way you can easily plan your work ahead because you have to plan as per your deadlines.

Now, you might ask, what are the minimum qualifications needed if I want to start earning from home?

Though there is no minimum qualification –

  • You should have good researching ability because content writing involves a lot of research
  • Write correct English and grammar
  • Love to write because you will be writing to earn money. Unless you love writing, you are not going to enjoy your work.
  • Should be eager and available to work. You will have to meet deadlines and submit work on time on a regular basis. This means you have to be sincere in whatever you do.
  • You should have a computer and a steady, strong internet connection

Remember, work can come anytime to you. So, you should be eager and available.

How do beginner writers make money?

Beginner writers can make money through content writing jobs. There are many websites that hire writers for their various content writing tasks. You can apply for jobs there. Beginner writers can select easy topics to write on various niches like health, fitness, food, travel, and anything which interests them.

Beginners who are just getting started and looking for how to make money writing should first ensure that they write well. Thus, if you are looking for online work, you need to have a good profile and samples to show your client.

How will anyone know that you can write well?

Why will someone hire you until you convince them that you can write? Thus, instead of rushing to earn money, go ahead and take the time to build your profile.

Last, but not least, keep writing and improving your skills because this is what is going to help you.

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