How to Manage Online Customer Reviews?

We all know that customer reviews play a very important role in the success of any business as in this digital world, most people read an online review before buying any product or service. Positive reviews will help your brand to boost awareness, build trust and drive more consumers to your business. But positive reviews are always accompanied by negative or fake reviews no matter how good your brand is.

There is no benefit in covering up those as most consumers avoid the brand that covers their online reviews. That is why you have to deal with these negative and fake reviews so that your marketing and communications hold a weight.

So here are some tips on how you can tackle all these kinds of reviews and use them to your advantage.

Manage good reviews

Every business owner loves good reviews from their customers as good reviews help a lot to grow their business. When you get a good review, your brand will create a lot of positive vibes for any customer. In fact, they will help a lot to get more customers as most of the people decides to buy any product or service after reading a good and positive review. Although good reviews are good for business, you can always maximize their values even more.

You can use good reviews for social proof because typically people will obey the actions or suggestions that are done by other people that are often based on reviews or referrals. One of the most powerful forms of social proof is customer reviews or testimonials.

So, displaying your best online reviews in the right places will help you to build customer trust, attract more people to your business, maximize sales and profit which will help you with healthy commercial growth. Adding reviews and ratings to your paid ad communication will help you to get more engagement and placing a review tab for people to see them with ease are some of the things that you can do.

Manage negative reviews

With good reviews, you will also get a lot of negative reviews for your business. Managing negative reviews is one of the important things to do as a business owner. Once a customer finds a negative review, he or she will research more about your brand which you don’t want. Dealing with negative reviews in the right way will not only show how loyal you are to your customers but also help an unhappy customer to be happy again.

To deal with a negative review, you have to be swift and approachable which means that when someone posts a negative review, you must be quick to reply to that specific review in a very friendly manner. You don’t want to ignore that review or hide it as it will destroy the reputation and people will lose trust in your brand.

And that is why you need to respond personally with an apology to deal with negative reviews effectively. You must be thankful to them for posting their experience and helping them with any kind of solution. This will help you to gain more trust from your customers.

Manage fake reviews

Yes, there are people who love to post fake reviews. Fake reviews, ratings and testimonials are more frustrating than a lot of negative reviews. They can be as disastrous as negative reviews but knowing the process of how you can spot and handle them is the best way to deal with them.

If you spot them quickly, you will be able to provide a suitable public response and get them removed from the platform. But how can you detect a fake review?

Well, fake reviews lack any real detail and they are generic. They are far heavier on verbs or nouns and they use lots of first-person pronouns to sound sincere. Also, they are usually given a five or one-star rating. From Facebook to Amazon, each platform has its own review flagging process and knowing these in advance will help you tackle these issues as quickly as possible.

So, here are the ways how you can manage every review online so that you can have a good customer base and grow your business properly.


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