How To Promote Blog On Twitter Easily

Writing valuable and relatable content is important to grow your blog but it is merely the half task done. To grow your blog, you need to drive traffic to it and for that promotion of your blog is necessary so that it helps in increasing the brand visibility and accelerates the pace to reach your goals.

Similar to other aspects of digital marketing, social media marketing plays a significant role in promoting content to your target audience. With more than 300 million active users, Twitter is an excellent platform to promote your business and reach potential leads as well as connect with them.

But to stand out from the crowd there are certain things you need to keep in mind apart from being pro-active and creative on your tweets.

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How To Use Twitter For Promoting your Blogs

There is no thumb-rule that can be used for promoting your blog on Twitter. Check what works for you and spend more time on that strategy.

Use concise and provocative tweets

According to stats, tweets under 100 characters get a higher interaction rate, so while posting the link of your blog try to make the tweet short and creative instead. It is not necessary to write the same headline of your blog in the tweet instead try around 5 variations of the tweet consisting of 10 words or less and see which one is working the best.

Include a quote from the blog

When you include an intriguing quote from your article, your audience will get a glimpse of your content. Make sure you write something that gives off the flavour of the contents of your post itself. This is an effective way to make your audience curious and interested in the article and will encourage them to click and read further.

Use relatable hashtags

Using hashtags is an integral part of tweeting and is a great way to reach your target audience beyond your followers. But rather than using any hashtags you also need to follow certain methods to reach a maximum audience. Try using theme-specific hashtags when you’re promoting a particular blog, contest, or landing page where you want to create your own hashtags for it. Creating your own hashtags will help others can dialogue about your blog. When the hashtag shows up in the feed for the hashtag search, this can generate interest in your blog.

Another way of using hashtags is by applying general post-related hashtags that include the nice or topic of the post. This will help the audience who are interested in that certain niche to reach your post.

Include statistics to increase the credibility 

Try to use interesting statistics about your article that includes numbers and characters apart from just letters. Using these will help your tweet stand out and will increase a sense of credibility to your post.

Use mentions

Using a mention enables you to reach particular followers, customers or apparently anyone on Twitter. You can use this technique to get noticed and to reach potential customers and prominent bloggers. You can mention them in a tweet that links back to your post which can help your tweet to get retweeted by their followers as well.

Ask questions

Asking questions will drastically increase the engagement that will, in turn, help your tweet to get traction and people will tend to click on the blog more. Asking interesting questions related to your blog is a great way to increase the click-through rate.

Just like other channels of digital marketing is useful to promote content, using social media marketing is also highly beneficial if you follow certain ways and maintain a proper strategy.

Now, these were some of the most common ways of promoting your blog on Twitter. But remember, everyone is doing the same. Each day, there are millions of posts being made and shared on Twitter. How do you ensure that your blog is getting noticed?

How To Ensure that Your Tweets Work – Doing something extra

I will tell you some additional things, which are definitely going to help your blog reach out.

Do Something More Than Just Sharing

I have seen many bloggers who treat social media marketing tasks as just another task which they have to complete on time. As a result, they do not do much beyond just sharing.

If you want your social media efforts to show results, you will have to do a lot more. Of course, you will be tweeting links but why not add some of your favorite excerpts along with these links?

You can also add an emotive sentence that might interest your readers. It is quite like offering a preview of what lies in the article. If you are able to provide an interesting preview, your efforts will definitely work.

You just need to find, what will make people interested in your post and why will they click it. Remember, just a headline does not help all the time. You have to add some context ideally if you want to make it work.

Create Links Inside your Posts

If you share social sharing links at the end of your post, it is a good way to encourage your readers to promote your post. If someone reads your blog and likes it, there is an increased chance of it being shared online. This is a good opportunity for readers to share a quote and then link back to the article.

Try Sharing a Video Post

As you share the link of your blog post on Twitter, it is a good idea to share a video message. In this message you can talk about your blog and explain what it is. Remember, whenever any visual ( in the form of an image or a video) is added, it helps in drawing the attention of your audience. People love to click videos rather than reading long texts.

Pinning Your Latest Blog Post

If you are using Twitter to drive traffic to your website, it is a good idea to pin your latest post on the top section of your timeline. Any pinned tweet attracts more impressions and it will help your business. It is easy to pin a post. You simply need to click the drop-down arrow right next to your tweet. You will then choose Pin to your Profile page.

These were some of the ways to promote your blog on Twitter. If you find any other method equally useful, you can use it as well.

Do let us know, what works for you!

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