How to Promote your YouTube Channel for FREE

“YouTube” is considered as the new office space for many. Billions of users from across the world regularly join or start a new YouTube channel. The new dependency on the internet has led many people to view these videos uploaded on YouTube.

Now, creating a channel on YouTube is just as easy as it seems. But fighting for attention from viewers and that too when the competition is on the highest level could be a tough job. Thousands of videos are regularly uploaded, so how to ensure that your video is not lost in this sea of content?

Continue reading, to know the latest tactics that might be helpful.

 Investing time on YouTube SEO

 There are several search engines available on the internet on a wider variety. But it has been recognized that “YouTube” has been rated the third-largest search engine provider. Any question arises in the mind of the user; they write it down on YouTube and click search. According to the question, relevant videos pop up on the screen.

Now, the videos that appear on the search have an algorithm that YouTube SERP maintains. Try to use the most relevant keywords of your video in the description and title box. Using target keywords in the same metadata indirectly signals YouTube to consider it as a query. Thereby channelling it to more and more users as they search for information.

 Regular collaboration with popular channels

 Exposure is the new hot topic that every channel holder of YouTube is craving right now. The more exposure you have from your video, the better viewer engagement you get. It would be best to reach more and more audiences to get access to larger traffic on your channel. This will directly increase the views and then eventually monetize your channel.

Try to participate in collaboration videos with popular channels with the content writing service provider. After you have shot a video on important content, don’t forget to tag the name of the collaboration partner. This creates a cross-promotion among the viewers of the channel.

Promotion on social media

Are you active on social media and have a huge engagement list? Yes, then use it for a better benedict to reach multiple users. Even if your followers are just your friends, just set the video’s privacy setting in public and share it on your page. It will reach a much wider audience than you could have ever expected. Make it a point to update the video on your social media in the first few hours of its release.

This effectively ensures the engagement value of the video and the social proof number from the few hours of the publishing time, which determines the exact placement of the video in SERP.

 The last and most engaging tactic you could follow is creating your videos in a series format. This will make your audience much more interested in your video and keep them on their toes once you upload a video. Try the tips mentioned above next time you upload a new video to identify the change in traffic engagement on your channel.


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