How to Write Correct Grammar – Article Writing Tips

As I started my career as a professional writer, the first thing which I was warned about and something which I should always get correct -grammar. I cannot be a writer if I go wrong with my prepositions, nouns, verbs, adverbs and everything else. I realized I had to write a perfect grammar, each and every time. There is no good time or bad time – its every time. So, how easy is it to get the grammar correct each time?

Well, it’s possible! And I will tell you how!

Whenever there is a candidate sitting in front of me, hoping to get a job as a content writer, there are a few things which I make quite clear. To be a successful web content writer, you need to have good writing skills. You should research well, be able to write on any given topic and the most important – write CORRECT English.

Now, most of us who come from an English medium background and manage to speak English quite fluently, shouldn’t have problems with grammar. But the reality is – everyone or most of us have grammar issues. Sometimes, it’s too much and sometimes these are just a few. But, if the grammar is a problem, you are not going to prosper as a content writer. So, to be a professional writer, you have to be good with your grammar.

So, how to get your grammar correct each time?

First and foremost, you have to keep in mind a few things which writing articles –

Do Not Hurry

When you are writing something – especially when the subject is of our choice, we tend to write hastily. In our haste, we end up writing the wrong sentences. The fact is that writing and speaking English is different. Thus, go slow and write one sentence at a time. 

Use Short Sentences

This is one advice I give to freshers. I feel short sentences tend to go correct. You can hardly go wrong with short sentences. Long sentences are usually complicated and might have errors. Thus, if you are not quite sure about grammar or even sentence construction, just try writing short sentences.

One Idea In One Sentence

This is one of the basics of content writing. Do not write a lot of things in one sentence. It is a good idea to write one idea in one sentence.

Let’s see one example of many ideas in one sentence –

Jim is a fast learner and wants to be successful in life and this why he loves to learn a number of things and he is doing it because he is learning digital marketing from one of the most reputed institutes in India.

How does the above read?

A lot is being said in one sentence – isn’t it? If you do this, you will definitely go wrong. So, try and avoid this.

Grammar Tools:

Grammarly – This is one of the most used tools all over the world. Grammarly is available in a FREE version and in the paid version. There is also a plugin which helps to detect grammatical errors when written.

Ginger Software – This is a free grammar checker which is available online. This tool can also be used to check grammar problems online.

These are some of the tools writers can use which can help them in detecting probable errors in content.

However, the best option is to proofread your content as you can. Most writers make the mistake of submitting an article without properly proofreading it well. This is what annoys most editors.


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