How to Write Unique Content, Blog Posts, Articles and Web Content for SEO

If you step into the world of content writing and decide to write blog posts, articles, web content or articles for SEO, the first thing you need to ensure is 100% unique content. Plagiarism is never tolerated because it can penalize a site and bring down its rank tremendously. To write unique content, the writer needs to write each sentence from scratch. When you rewrite each sentence completely, keeping the meaning intact and not changing a few words here and there, you will never have to worry about plagiarism. Your content will be 100% unique.

To write unique content, you have to do your research well and gather information from more than one site. Any writer should ideally take information from 3-4 websites minimum. Any professional writer should never write an article or blog post, taking information from one source. That is not the way web content for SEO is written. Keep reading to know how to write unique content online.

How Do You Write Unique Content Online

To write unique content online, you should always keep in mind the following factors:

  • Change the article title always from that of your source article
  • Never copy the style and format of your source article.
  • Write the articles or blog posts, in your own way, using your own style.
  • Change the structure of the article and make it totally different from the source.
  • Use your own reasonings when writing articles.
  • Do not take information from a single source. You can search for information from 3-4 sites and then develop articles.
  • You should never copy information and change a few words here and there.
  • Write each sentence in your own words.
  • Change all the sub-headings and order of sub-headings.
  • Lastly, do not forget to check the uniqueness of the articles using many tools available. ( We will discuss more about these tools later)

Just follow the above rules and you do not have to worry about article uniqueness.

How Do You Write Best Content

We often hear about the ‘best content’ or content which helps a website rank – so, how is this content written?

It is tough to decide the content which can be described as best. We talk about good quality content and how it can keep the readers engaged. The best content ideally fulfils the following:

  • It is informative rich or loaded with useful information. Useful information is one which keeps the readers engaged and answers their queries.
  • It is 100% unique. It is not copied from any other online source.
  • There are no grammatical errors.
  • The content is well structured, it is well-formatted and easy to read.
  • There is no fluff and doesn’t have repetitive information.
  • In the end, the reader finds all the information required and the article does justice.

How Do You Write Unique Content for SEO

When you have the task of writing unique content for SEO, your task is to ensure that the article is not just 100% unique but also SEO friendly. This means it should use the keywords appropriately in the titles, sub-headings and overall article but still ensure that the content is is of high-quality. Here are some tips to write 100% original content for SEO.

  • Do your research well. Gather information from 4-5 websites which provide enough information to write your article.
  • Each sentence should be written to be original.
  • Use your own style and never use the style of someone else.
  • If possible, input your own thoughts in the article. It helps in creating originality.
  • Never copy sub-headings – ensure that every subheading you write is different from the source article.
  • Use plagiarism detecting tools to be sure that the article, blog post or press releases you are writing are unique.

Best Tools for Writing 100% Unique Articles

It often happens that in spite of being very careful, there might be situations when articles need to be checked for plagiarism. Writers have several tools which help in checking the uniqueness of the articles. Once you check in these tools, you do not have to spend time in anxiety that your content might be flagged for plagiarism.

The best part is that most of these tools are Free though their premium versions are available as well.

Grammarly – This tool helps in detecting any plagiarised sentence or paragraph instantly. Users can check for grammar and also ensure that the content is 100% unique.

Small SEO Tools – This is a helpful tool which is used by many writers to check plagiarism. You simply need to paste the content in their search box and check for plagiarism. It highlights any copied sentence.

Duplichecker – This is a 100% effective tools which helps in detecting plagiarism instantly.

Copyscape – It has always been the preferred tool of content writers all over the world. To use Copyscape, the premium version needs to be purchased. It is one of the most accepted plagiarism detecting tools available today.

These are some of the most effective plagiarism detection tools available online.

Do Unique Content Generator’s Work?

Unique content generators do NOT create good quality content. These generators use words which are similar in meaning and replace them. At times, in the process of changing every third word, the whole sentence loses its value and flow. Grammatical errors and poorly constructed sentences become common. ( Read – How to get the grammar correct each time)

Unique content generators might manage to make your content unique, but you will be served poorly written articles and blogs with bad grammar and incorrect sentence construction. And most important, your readers and Google will instantly recognize what you have done. You will not get value for your work.

So, How to Make Unique Content for YouTube?

YouTubers all over the world ensure that their content is unique. The only way is to come up with creative vlogging ideas which is something new. With the popularity of YouTube vlogging, finding unique content for YouTube is now quite challenging. Here are some ideas which can help in creating unique content.

  • Write your own script for videos.
  • Use your own content ideas.
  • Do not use the ideas of other vloggers.
  • Brainstorm ideas and look for thoughts which are not usually covered.
  • Do your research well and find ideas for your content

There is actually no shortcut to writing unique content. You have to be sincere, take your time and write every sentence. That is the only way to write good quality content which the search engines will love and your readers too.

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