Is It Wise to Enroll for Content Writing Courses Online – Will it be easier to get jobs once the course is done?

With so many ads and promotions related to content writing courses online, it becomes really tough to decide. Enrolling in a content writing course online is NOT necessary. It is not a deciding factor or an essential element to get a job as a content writer. It will not be easier in any way to get a job as a content writer if you have a certificate in hand.

So, are these content writing courses not useful? No – the utility of these courses cannot be denied because they provide training to those who wish to become content writers in the future. In this article, we will discuss how these courses are helpful, what individuals can learn, the duration of these courses, and a lot more. Keep reading.

Courses for Content Writers or Bloggers

If you search the internet, you will come across several courses for professions. These courses are generally

  • Basic Content Writing
  • Content Writing courses for mid-level executives to hone skills
  • Advanced Level Content Writing Courses

It needs to be remembered that content writing is also about a combination of various SEO tactics and creative skills. It is all about selling a product or a service or simply telling a story.

Content writing combines SEO tactics with solid creative writing skills to sell a product or tell a story. Regardless of which aspect of content writing you need help perfecting, Udemy has a course to help you get better.

Duration of the Courses

Courses offered are divided to make learning and training easy for students:

  • Beginners Course – 2-3 Weeks
  • Intermediate Level Courses – 3-6 weeks
  • Advanced Courses – 6-8 Weeks

There are many institutes that offer crash courses for busy professionals because they have time constraints These courses are held on weekends or late evenings so that students can attend classes. However, online courses are the most popular since students can learn as per their requirements.

Udemy is a leading organization offering content writing for their students. Click here to visit their website.

Online Content Writing Courses – What Students Can Learn

Though the course content differs from one institute to another, here is a summation of what to expect during the course. Please remember that this is just an idea and if you want to enroll, you need to get in touch with your institute.

So, what will you learn in a content writing training course?

Basics of Content Writing

  • What is content writing?
  • Where is content used and who requires content
  • Types of content
  • Factors that are important/to be kept in mind for content writing
  • SEO for content writers – basics on keywords usage and more.

Intermediate Course – Content Writing

  • Different Styles of Content Writing
  • How each type of content is different
  • How to write headings, titles, and overall content
  • Tips and tricks of content writing
  • Using different kinds of content writing tools

Advanced Course

  • Writing advanced level content – sales copyrighting, content that converts
  • Editing, proofreading
  • Mistakes, errors and challenges which any content writer needs to know

These were some of the many things that you will write and learn in your content writing course.

Is There Any Certification?

You might get a certificate from your institute that you have successfully cleared your course. However, the company where you will go for your interview may or may not accept the certification.

Can Housewives Enroll For Content Writing Courses?

Yes, content writing courses are just perfect for housewives who are just starting their career. Women can take up writing on a freelance basis which helps them to earn a lot of money.

Okay, then are there no benefits of content writing courses?

My dad would always say that education never goes to waste and I strongly believe in it. Thus, when you complete your course you will certainly be in an advantageous position. And what are these?

  • Increase in your confidence – Once you complete a course, you have a basic idea about content writing. Thus, when you face an interview, you can speak quite confidently.
  • Perform Better – When you complete your course, you will certainly do better. You already know how to write various kinds of content. Your training will definitely improve your writing skills.
  • Salary Hike – You may even expect to get a little bit more salary than a fresher because you are trained. Though this is not a guarantee chances are high that you will be paid better.
  • On Job Improvement – If you are already working as a content writer, your quality of writing will improve. As you have learned a number of things during your job, you will certainly do better than before.
  • Start your Own Freelancing Business – If you do not wish to join any company, you can start your own freelancing. In the present times, freelancers are doing really well for themselves and earning lakhs.

Content Writing Course Fees In India

In India, there are different institutes offering content writing courses. Fees are dependent on what course you choose, the duration of the course, and what you plan to learn. There are institutes which charge Rs 2000 and you may have to pay as much as Rs 20,000.

So, to sum up we can say that you can join a content writing course to improve your skills and be in an advantageous position. However, a certification may not guarantee you an easy job.

Okay, then how does one get a content writing job?

To apply for a content writing job in India, here are the basic qualifications

  • Post-graduation in English or Mass Communication, Journalism from a reputed university
  • Impeccable Grammar skills, Interest in English writing
  • Basic Computer Knowledge ( researching ability, MS Word)

Content Writing Jobs and Salaries

There are different types of opportunities available for individuals. Here are some of the many options.

  • Full-time content writer in India – Salaries can be between Rs 8000 to Rs 70,000 depending on your location
  • Freelancers – You can choose to write content from the comforts of your home. You might have to apply for jobs on freelance writing sites. You can even create your own website. Income depends on your projects, the time you are able to devote, and more.
  • Blogger – You can choose to be a full-time blogger and earn money. However, this can take time and you have to be consistent in your efforts. The rewards are quite high.

These are the basic skills, but most organizations in India require candidates to go through a grammar skills test and a writing test. The idea is to judge the English writing skills of the candidate.

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