How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Blog?

Sharing the content is an important aspect of any blog promotion plan. Your social media followers would prefer to share content that conveys intelligence, refinement, and culture. Your followers or subscribers won’t just share any random content, so make sure it’s interesting and useful, with information that’s hard to come by elsewhere. Even though the content might be available elsewhere online, the method you present it must be engaging enough to pique the interest of your social media readers. It is necessary to make sure that your blog is cross-promoted online in order to attract a certain audience. This helps you to carve out your own niche and interact with a larger audience.

Below are some of the most useful blog promotion techniques on social media that you can use to reach more users online.

Create Catchy Titles

If you are planning to publish a post that links directly to your website, all you need to do is persuade users to click a title and a brief description. The catchier your title would look, the more chances are that it will be noticed by your users. This is likely to capture the attention of some people considerably more quickly than the original title. This is due to the fact that your blog’s social media feed, RSS feed, or email subscribers may have subscribed to other blogs in your niche. With their inboxes and feeds clogged with material, a unique title can help you stand out from the crowd.

Add Social Media Handles to Your Blog

Adding social media handles into your blog might help you bridge the gap between your content and popular social media sites. Visitors to your blog require a simple way to interact with you and share the content of your blog via social media tools included in your site. Giving your readers more access is an important part of a smart blog promotion strategy. You can add social media buttons that would eventually invite readers to join your social media community, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others. Also, via these social media handles, readers can easily share your blog on the internet.

Engage in Promoting Other Bloggers

Promotions on social media are frequently reciprocated. You get a comparable boost when you help someone else achieve a larger audience. A growing number of bloggers will gladly promote you in exchange, broadening your exposure across a variety of social media platforms. Hence, engage in promoting other blogger’s posts, and eventually, when you promote others’ blogs, their followers would also be able to see your profile and along with it, they can see your blog if they visit your profile.

Share Your Blogs on Facebook

Facebook is considered the biggest social media platform to date and it is a perfect place to promote any content. As it has millions of users, your blog post can easily get a wide number of viewers and shares within a short span of time. Facebook allows you to promote your blogs on your profile, groups, and on pages. Try to add images on your blog posts as posts with images get more attention on Facebook. Make sure to include a personal and intriguing comment, as well as an invitation for readers to contribute their thoughts on your blog post.

Utilize the Use of Hashtags

If you want to promote your blog on Instagram, you must utilize the hashtag feature for your blog’s promotion. The proper use of hashtags is an important aspect of Instagram promotion. These ensure that a post is seen by the correct people and receives the most engagement.


Promoting your blogs on social media is a fun thing to do, and the results are also worth it. Also, promoting blogs on social media helps drive traffic to your website. Follow these above-mentioned social media tips to promote your blog online without any hassle.