How Much Do Content Writers Earn In India – Is that Enough for a Living?

Whenever we think about content writing as a career option – there are several questions that come to our mind. The number 1 question is ‘How much will I earn’?

Of course, that is an important question, because we work to earn money and to make a living. So, how much you can earn as a professional content writer does make a difference. But, to understand how much you can earn as a writer in India, there are a few things which you need to know.

What are you looking for?

  • Full-time writing career?
  • Part-time-writing career?
  • Full-time freelancer?
  • You wish to work alone or with a group of people?

Now, the next question is, where are you located? In India, the salary of a full-time content writer varies as per:

  • Location – obviously, metropolitan cities will pay you higher. If you are a content writer in Gurgaon or Mumbai, your fresher’s salary will be higher than someone who starts as a fresher content writer in Bokaro. It is easy Maths – we all know this.
  • Company – If you are working in a start-up, your pay will not be good. If you are employed in a mid-sized company, you can expect a decent salary. Top companies pay a lot more.
  • Experience – Freshers start with a basic salary which can range from Rs 7,000 to Rs 10,000. While experienced writers can earn between Rs 50k–100k. But again, it depends on your location, the company you are working for, your skills, projects.
  • Skills – A professional might be coming with 10 years of experience but can write only a certain type of content. For example, the writer might be just writing SEO articles or product descriptions? The candidate might not be able to earn a lot of money based on limited skills.

So, that was the brief story of a full-time writer. Now, let’s talk about the earnings of a part-time content writer.

Selecting a Part-Time Career

But who chooses to be a part-time content writer? Do not be surprised because there are millions of part-time writers in India. Professionals choose to become part-time content writers for a number of reasons:

  • New moms who are taking a break from their career but can devote a few hours each day to writing.
  • Those who are already working in another full-time job, maybe working in another industry but love to write.
  • Someone who is looking for some extra income.

Reasons can be many – in fact, if you are dedicated if you are sincere and if you are willing to work hard, you can really earn yourself a lot of money by working part-time.

As a part-time professional, you can:

  • Work for a company – the company sends you assignments and you complete the assignments within the deadline and submit.
  • Work for an individual – this individual can be a freelancer who has lots of work and needs help in getting them done. An individual might be a person who is planning to build a start-up and in the process of building a client base.
  • A part-time writer can commit a fixed number of articles, a fixed number of hours of work or can be available for a predetermined number of tasks.
  • Payment can be per hour basis, per article basis, monthly basis, or project basis. Monthly payments can be between Rs2000-Rs 10000 or more, depends on the volume of tasks, the urgency of the task and the kind of article needed.

Full-Time Freelancer:

Now, this is the most interesting one!

All of us want to be an entrepreneur at some point in time. Being a full-time freelancer is the first step to be an entrepreneur.

I have many friends who are working as a full-time freelancer and earning lots of money. Many are earning a lot more than those who are working full-time in a company. After spending years in this field, I believe a freelancer gets a lot more satisfaction in writing.

If you want to be a full-time freelancer, you have to be prepared for a few things – it becomes a part of life.

  • You have to find work continuously for continuous income.
  • There might be days when you have a lot of work and you find it difficult to handle it. There might be days when you have little work. Never get overwhelmed in any situation.
  • Income will be irregular.
  • You are responsible and accountable for the success and failure of your project (Believe me, this is rewarding, motivating It will urge you to work hard and improve the quality of your work)
  • You might not have fixed working hours – if there is a lot of work, you will be working more than your designated office hours. And why not -after all, it’s your own work, your client and all the rewards of hard work come to you.

Earning as a full-time freelance writer is rewarding – Why?

You get full value for all the hard work you do. There are many writers who feel that they are not getting the due for all their hard work.

Let us consider an example. Suppose you are working in an office for a fixed salary of Rs 20,000 pm. You are working on multiple projects and if you calculate, your company is earning a revenue of more than Rs 50,000 pm, only from the work you do.

Sounds similar?

Yes, this is one of the biggest reasons why people prefer to start their own writing business or work as a freelancer full time. However, one of the biggest challenges any freelancer faces is finding work. You cannot depend on anyone client or anyone business to keep you going. What happens if the client stops giving work?

Thus, any freelancer needs to look for work continuously. That is the only way to keep going.

Now, answering the question – can one make a living from content writing?

Yes, of course. You need to be willing to learn, you should be creative, work hard and be open to options.

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