Not Getting Readers for your Blog? Try This Technique, it Might Help You

Whether it is your personalal blog or a post you are writing as a part of link building efforts for your clients – choosing the topics for blogs is extremely important. Unless your topic is interesting and something which your readers intend to read, it is not going to work.

There are many ways of selecting topics for blog posts and SEO articles which will be clicked. Let us try to find answers to some of the many problems faced by writers as they select topics for blogs and articles.

How To Find The Right Blog Topics

To find the right blog topics, you need to do some brainstorming. It is not about randomly selecting a topic and starting to writing.

But before that, you need to keep in mind a few things.

  • Though many people say that you should write about something which you are passionate about. But, it doesnt always help.
  • If you are writing your personal blog and you do not care about its popularity, it is fine. But, if you are doing to get traffic or for SEO, it is not going to work always.
  • Write about something which others might feel interested about.
  • It is always good to write about trending topics or something which everyone is looking forward to read now.
  • Never choose a topic because others are writing it. Why do you want to be a part of the crowd?
  • Never select a topic which is too vast – try to focus on one topic

These were some of the things which will help you to write good articles and blog posts. To write good quality articles and blogs, the topic chosen should be correct.

Many writers ask if they can cover different topics in a blog. Of course, you can, but if it is a niche blog, you have to focus on the niche or else the blog or the article will lose its essence.

Can you blog about different topics?

Yes, you can always blog about different topics. But, a few things you have to remember.

If the blog is of a particular niche – For example – if its an SEO blog or one which is about SEO tools, techniques, strategies, news and more, your blog posts should be focused on different aspects of SEO only. This is because SEO is your niche. So, you can write on different topics but which should revolve around SEO.

If your website relates to cooking and you write articles on travel or blog on your travel experiences, your readers who come to your website for cooking related information, will not be happy. You can blog on different topics, but these should be related to cooking only.

In case you are not writing on any niche or there is no particular theme, you are free to write on anything that interests you.

So…here comes the main question, which most of us want to know as we start writing.

What are the best blog topics?

Food Blogs – People love to write and read about food. If you are covering food blogs, you have plenty of options to choose from. Some common and popular food blog topics are:

  • How to cook…
  • or How to eat..
  • How to make..
  • Tips to make..
  • Recipe blogs
  • Common foods of….( region)
  • What to eat when in… ( place)
  • Best summer drinks, Best winter drink

and…a lot lot more.

Travel Blogs – People who love to travel look forward to reading about different places. So, if you plan to work on a travel blog, you can cover a number of topics.

  • Top places to visit in….( country/town/city)
  • Things to do in…( city/town)
  • Places of interest in…( city/town)
  • Travel experiences
  • Places to stay
  • Accommodation options

…there is a lot you can focus on.

Fitness Blogs – One of the most popular blog topics, fitness blogs are read by young and old alike. These blogs are always read and can never get outdated. Fitness blogs can be related on

  • Exercise-related blog posts
  • Diet-related blogs or health-related blogs
  • Fitness apps that are popular these days
  • General articles on the importance and need of fitness

What are some interesting blog topics?

If you know your target audience, it’s not tough to find interesting blog topics. Let’s consider an example – suppose your blog is targeted to individuals who want to become successful content writers or those who wish to learn content writing.

Here are some interesting blog topics for them:

  • How to write catchy headlines every time
  • What are the skills needed for a content writer?
  • 10 Steps to write an SEO friendly content
  • Do not make these 5 mistakes as a content writer
  • Content writing courses
  • How to earn as a freelance content writer
  • What is the salary of a content writer?

You will notice that each of the above topics is a concern for a new writer. Before starting their career, most writers look forward to get answers to the following questions.

What are the best blogging platforms?

  • WordPress – It is the top blogging platform for beginners. It is easy to use and offers plenty of themes to work on. Click here to create your WordPress blog now.
  • Blogger – It’s another popular platform used by bloggers. Click here for your blogger account.
  • Medium – This is one of the growing platforms where bloggers can post their articles. Medium is the storehouse of many high-quality articles. Click here to visit Medium.
  • Wix – This is another popular blogging platform used by bloggers all over the world.

How good are blog topic generators?

In my experience, I have found these topic generators quite helpful. If you are looking for new blogging tips and ideas, these blog topic generators are quite helpful. You can tweak the topics a bit.

Here are some options which will help you to generate topics:

Blog Ideas Generator 

Blog Topic Idea Generator

Title Maker

Some High-In Demand Blog Topics

There are many topics that have a high search volume and users search a lot:

  • Fitness and Health Blogs
  • DIY Blogs
  • Travel Blogs
  • Sports Blogs
  • Education-related blogs

Last, but not least keep a watch on your posts. Keep a close watch on posts that are doing well so that you know which types of content are doing well.

As you find more about the posts which are getting more views, you can start writing topics similar to them. It simply means that people are interested in such topics. Thus, it is a good way to know the blog titles which will do well.

When you choose to write a blog, never hurry. Take time and create your blog topics so that it is helpful for the readers and the search engines love it as well.

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