Scope Of Digital Marketing As A Career In 2022

If there’s one industry that has been evolving and expanding at a consistently faster pace then it is none other than the digital marketing industry.

There are 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide and it only makes sense that people are taking advantage of digital marketing to gain their distinct goals.

Thus, it is a great time to choose a digital marketing career as the majority of companies around the world are seeking digital marketing professionals. The companies realize the capability this particular domain holds in maximizing their overall growth in their relevant industry.

In 2022, the opportunity for digital marketing professionals will only be more. The best part about digital marketing is that anyone can get started on building their career in this field. All you need is a creative streak and adaptability to learn. Yes, of course, you need to develop more skills to master your career in digital marketing, nevertheless, individuals have a lot of scopes to explore and achieve their desired career goals.

Let’s take a look at what the digital marketing industry has to offer for aspirants in the year 2022.

A Variety of Job Roles to Choose From

Digital marketing field has a lot of flexibility when it comes to the selection of job roles career-oriented individuals want to go for. Some of the popular jobs in the digital marketing field are –

And plenty more. So, what are you waiting for? Find the right course to gain knowledge about a particular area and get started on securing the desired job role.

The Perks of Choosing Career in Digital Marketing

There are many perks of choosing a digital marketing career and probably why the industry is becoming popular among aspirants. Here are some obvious advantages that you can get from selecting a digital marketing career.

  • Demand for digital marketing professionals is high as more and more companies seek digital marketing experts in different job roles.
  • Anyone can get started to make their career in this field. All you need is the drive to become successful and constantly expand your knowledge and expertise in your chosen job role.
  • Companies offer handsome packages for deserving digital marketing professionals. Since companies understand the value of an expert digital marketing professional and how they can take the business to reach the desired company goals.
  • Those who want flexible job opportunities can explore the field of digital marketing. In this area, you can work as a freelancer and yet make a strong career out of it.
  • A plethora of job roles to choose from. Aspirants only need to acquire knowledge and they can get started to choose the desired job role.

There are more perks of being in this industry and you come to know as you explore the domain furthermore.

Interesting Stats About Digital Marketing

If the above perks aren’t enough then here are some interesting statistics that only explains the ever-expanding scope for digital marketing.

  • The digital marketing industry is growing at the rate of 14% annually.
  • The digital advertising area alone has had a growth of 5% in the past years.
  • Search and display ads are the largest areas where money plays a role.
  • Almost 220 million users avail of digital services through their smartphones directly.
  • The genZ users check their smartphones every 9.6 minutes on average.

End Thoughts

The year 2022 is only going to bring added career opportunities for digital marketing aspirants. Hence, it is the right time to set your foot in this field as you can make the most out of your career in digital marketing.


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