SEO Content Writing – How to Become a Content Writer In India

Content writing is one of the most dynamic professions in the world which offers huge growth opportunities for writers. To become a content writer in India, an individual needs to have a flair for writing, write correct grammar, be able to research and analyze information, and then write engaging and informative articles that are of value to the readers. Any kind of formal training or degree is NOT necessary to become a content writer in India.

This is one of those professions which will never lose its demand because  content is always needed. Content writers write for websites helping them to establish their brand, provide information to their visitors, connect with their customers, build their credibility, and help them.

So, let us understand a few basics of content writing and what it takes to become a content writer in India?

What is content writing?

Content writing is nothing but writing for the websites. Content writers write articles, blogs, press releases, reviews, product descriptions, sales copies, and a lot more for websites. However, the English need to be correct grammatically and in proper sentence construction.

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We write content in different languages. Those who are thinking about a career as a freelance content writer, look forward to writing content for international clients. Indian content writers are in demand for several projects. Thus, you can work with clients from countries like the USA and UK.

So, remember if you are looking for a content writing job, you will be asked to write articles and blogs on various topics and niches.

What does a content writer do?

As mentioned above, a content writer writes content for websites and for different purposes. So, the work of a content writer can be best described in the following ways:

  • The content writer gets an article topic and a brief about what needs to be written.
  • The writer starts looking for relevant information for creating the article. Research is done thoroughly so that the article is informative and engaging.
  • Once the research is complete, the writer starts to develop an outline for the article. Based on this article, the article development begins.
  • The writer then starts writing. The article is written in a clear and concise manner.
  • Once written the article is proofread and checked for plagiarism. All articles developed for clients must be 100% unique and written well.

And if you want to know, what a content writer writes – there is a big list.

What content writers write regularly? Type of content

  • SEO articles – These articles are as per SEO requirements of the clients. Using keywords in the article title and body of the article is a prime requirement.
  • Guest Posts – These articles are written for guest posting purposes. The prime objective is to get backlinks.
  • Blogs – These are most in demand. These are informative and engaging content. They are a part of a promotion, or with the objective of information sharing, or simply for SEO.
  • Review Articles – These articles are written mainly to review products or services. Review articles are in demand because look for online reviews before buying products from online stores. Sometimes, the client seeks reviews of gadgets, software, website, and more.
  • Website Content – Website content is for a new website. Content needs to be focused, keyword-rich and informative. For website content, users need to write content for pages such as About Us, Home Page, Services Page, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, and more as required by the client.
  • Sales Copy – This is the content that we need for the specific purpose of generating sales. Senior or experienced content writers write these because they know the nuances in writing sales copies.
  • Press Releases – These are copies written on behalf of companies announcing events, launches, or any other news which the audience needs to know.

Besides this, content writing also involves the following:

  • Content for Facebook marketing, Twitter tweets, and other content for social media marketing purposes.
  • Customer testimonials
  • Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions for SEO purposes
  • Product descriptions of eCommerce stores
  • Social bookmark writing.

And a lot more as per the needs and requirements of the clients.

So, this is all that a content writer needs to write. Now, we write content for various categories and niches. Thus, you may have to write on the following niches:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Health and Fitness
  • Real estate, Legal
  • Relationship, Family
  • Home Décor, Repairs, Interiors, Renovation, Remodelling
  • Travel and Tourism Industry
  • Food and Drinks
  • Gaming
  • News & Investment
  • Trending topics

And a lot more.

Now, the question is – can one writer write on so many topics and niche? Is it possible for one person to know everything? What are some of the important skills?

What skills does a content writer need?

No, the content writer does not need to be an expert on all the above topics. In fact, writers need excellent research skills so that they can come up with articles and blogs. So, the main skills of any content writer are:

  • Basic knowledge of computers and knowledge – To become a content writer, one needs to have basic research ability and knowledge of MS Office.
  • Writing Well – The writer should be able to write content in correct grammar and in proper sentence structure and format.
  • Knowledge of necessary software – At times the writer might be required to use a specific software for writing or a platform like WordPress.
  • Research – It is the most important skill. The internet is full of information but the writer needs to look up good and authentic sources for information. Randomly picking information from any source does not help because the information might not be reliable.

Other Content Writing Skills 

  • Understand Topics and Requirements –  The writer should be able to follow instructions properly.
  • Good communication skills – The writer might have to continuously get in touch with the client. Thus, proper communication is extremely important.
  • Discipline – Discipline is important when writing content for the web because that will help you get consistent work. There are deadlines you have to keep in mind, proofread content and do a lot more.
  • Desire to learn and stay updated – The content writer should always be updated with
  • Team spirit – The content writer needs to work in teams. Hence, the writer should cooperate and work efficiently with others in a team.

With experience, any content writer develops the ability to write high-quality content. Such content is not just informative but engaging for the readers as well. Developing this kind of content is extremely necessary for the growth and success of a website.

So, how does one develop such skills? Are there content writing courses? Yes, there are several popular institutes in India which offer content writing courses.

What are the content writing courses in India?

There are several institutions that offer courses in content writing for aspiring writers. Those who search for how to become a content writer in India can enrol for the following:

Content Writing Courses – What You Can Learn

  • Basics of Content Writing
  • Researching Skills
  • How to write content on different topics
  • Content writing rules and regulations
  • Examples of content writing

Now, how will you apply for jobs after your course?

Content Writer Jobs – Opportunity After Learning Content Writing

You can start applying for jobs online because most companies advertise online these days. A content writer can work on a freelance basis, on a part time basis and full-time as well. Thus, you can work as per your requirements.

Any beginner starts as a fresher and with experience and acquired skills becomes a senior content writer, Team leader, proofreader, editor and Manager.

Now comes the critical question!

What is the SEO content writer salary?

In India, beginner content writers can start from an average salary of Rs 8000 to Rs 12,000 but it depends on the location and your company. Experienced content writers earn as much as Rs 70,000 in a month. However, it depends on the skills, knowledge, experience, company and the project.

Content writing in India is a lucrative profession for those who are willing to work hard and love writing. Do not join the profession if you do not like to write. It is all about writing consistently.

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