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7 Types of Engaging Video Content That Viewers Love to Watch

Content marketing has seen an evolution over the past three to four years, with increasing importance put on video content.  In the age of mobile marketing, video content has emerged as one of the most effective strategies used to connect with their intended audience. In this age of mobile marketing and internet connectivity, smartphone users find engaging videos irresistible. This opens an immense opportunity for video marketing. It provides many opportunities for marketers to offer their target audience video content throughout their purchasing journey. Videos that contain a message, educate them on a product or service or make them aware of a brand, all contribute towards consumers making their purchase decisions faster. Marketers can focus on certain types of video content that can grab their audience’s attention. Some of them are explained in brief below.

Different Types of Engaging Video Content

Animated videos

Animation always provides visual and emotional stimulation to anyone experiencing them. This applies in the marketing world as well, as it helps create a new dimension of a brand, as well as have that “outside the box” factor that makes a content memorable. Uploading bite-sized video content which are short, fun, quirky and to the point can go a long away towards brand and customer engagement.

Behind the scenes videos

Preparing and uploading a “behind the scenes” video depicting the company background can go a long way. It contributes towards brand storytelling which allows a company to motivate their employees and captivate customers. Videos that reveal a brand’s culture offer their viewers an immersive experience. It effectively pulls back the curtain and allows “would be” customers to engage on a personal level with the brand. It also showcases the work ethics of the organization.

Video Emails

Email marketing can be used to send users targeted content using contact information obtained earlier. Marketers use this opportunity to send a video to catch the attention of users. They can use “Call to Action” statements at this stage to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The main aim is to remind customers about the brand’s product or services without getting into their personal space too much. However, the mils shouldn’t appear too spammy or generic as it can have the opposite effect on a brand goodwill.

Personalised, customised videos

Personalisation and customization are both priorities in this modern age. This also extends to marketing where people feel happy when a brand provides a personal touch and make them feel special.  Personalised videos can benefit the company in almost every stage of a buyer’s journey. Marketers can use existing information about the customer’s preferences, buying habits and past purchases to build content for the video.


People go for virtual webinars to learn from the host and the fellow guests about topics that matter to them. They are also an excellent tool to promote using paid ads. For example, marketers can use Facebook ads to drive up numbers for their webinars. They can then leverage that traffic to generate even more leads.  Some of the most popular topic ideas include: reviewing a product with existing customers, hosting a FAQ section with existing customers, hosting a roundtable panel discussion. Webinars don’t have to be hosted that often to have an impact. Weekly or monthly webinars can generate a decent ROI for any organization.

Product Review Video

Product reviews are a good tool to use when an organization wants to establish trust with its audience. It’s one of the most helpful types of content for a customer, especially those who are considering buying a new product. Through product reviews, brands can answer common questions, clear doubts and showcase unique features of the product. Customers thus receive all the information they need to make a well-informed purchase decision. The product review videos should be information accessible, positive, less subjective with faster speech rates that are proven to have more impact on an audience.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos put the spotlight on an existing customer, showing viewers how happy their products and services make people. Brands should reach out to their satisfied customer base and create genuine video testimonials. It makes the brand credible and trustworthy. It also allows customers to explain processes, benefits and their experience from a different perspective that might appeal to others watching. They are also more believable, as a random person talking about a brand appears more legitimate compared to an ad. Digital marketers can use video content to showcase important aspects of a brand while integrating fun graphics, spunky voiceovers, engaging music or stylistic pictures. However, success depends on how videos are used in the overall marketing strategy. This is why companies should always hire digital marketing partners who offer expertise in this field to keep ahead of the curve.
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Why Investing in Google Ads Can Prove to Be Beneficial for Your Business

Marketing strategies have gone through a lot of changes especially after the dawn of internet usage. This upgrade from traditional to digital platforms includes new approaches, algorithms, and tools to consider. Among different aspects of digital marketing, Google Ads is one of the most important and widely used channels to grow a business effectively.

As much as every other aspect of online marketing is gaining popularity, so are Google ads. There are several valid reasons why small businesses to big enterprises are inclining towards paid ads more and more apart from focusing solely on SEO.

Let us take a look at why your business needs to invest in Google ads as well to expand globally and reach a highly targeted audience more efficiently.

Provides faster results

In the era of people spending more time on digital platforms, the more visible your brand or business is the more likely you are going to increase the revenue. Brand visibility is thus a crucial part of any business irrespective of the niche and size. While a strong SEO strategy can improve your website ranking and increase brand awareness, it may take a long time to witness the results. Google AdWords provides a much faster result, but it depends on certain criteria like bid amount, ad relevancy, landing page quality, and CTR. A properly optimized ad can rank higher and even get the first position in the search results.

Increase the brand visibility

In traditional marketing brand awareness was confined to only billboards, TV, radio, newspaper, and magazines. Now with the increasing usage of the internet, the approaches differed a lot while the scope of increasing the visibility and expand a business to a global market surface. Businesses now can target a specific set of audiences through google ads and your target audience can reach you within a click.

Helps to outrank ads of your competitors

Google AdWords provides you a smarter way to outrank the ads of your competitors. You have the option to choose ‘Target Outrank’ which will automatically adjust your bid and help you to outrank your competitors in the auction. Where SEO is a time-consuming and tedious factor to rank your website, this option helps you in securing the top position in the ad results.

Remarket to influence the audience 

Google ads enable you to remarket your ads which means if a user visits your website through your ads or organically, you can target them later on various Google platforms and influence them to make a purchase. This strategy is helpful and is highly beneficial to gain leads, convert potential buyers and increase revenue.


Though these are the major advantages businesses can take but the benefits are numerous with Google ads. As Google has the highest amount of searches among other search engines, positioning your ad is highly advantageous to increase your brand visibility and overall revenue as well.