5 Steps To Be a Blogger and Earn Money Online

How to be a blogger and start earning money online?

Well, this is one sentence that is searched almost every day by thousands of people. The current pandemic has left us indoors and we have almost nothing to do other than spend time online.

This was when most people realized that blogging can be a great profession. It is one of the best ways to start earning money online as well. But, if you have no experience in blogging and if you haven’t written any blog before, the whole process can be quite overwhelming.

There are many aspects of blogging that need to be learned. Here, I am to break-down the process into 5 easy steps which can help you get started with blogging.

Know Some Answers – Why you want to be a blogger?

Before you start your blogging journey, you need to be clear with what you want. Why do you wish to start blogging?

People start blogging for various reasons and everyone does not start blogging for money. Here are some of the many reasons why people choose to blog.

Check if any of these are your reasons and then we can move ahead from there.

  • Everyone has a blog – so you want one for yourself
  • You have a lot to write about but you are not getting a platform.
  • You want to share your knowledge
  • It is for your business
  • You want to promote your business
  • It is a way to interact with your audience
  • Because you love writing and you want a platform for yourself
  • You are in love with the idea of blogging
  • You love to write and a blog is the best medium


If your objective is to start a blog and try to build a long-term income for yourself, then these five steps are for you.

5 Steps to Blogging – How to start a blog

Step 1 – Buy a Domain related to your niche. There are several websites offering domains and you can select one.

Step 2 – Choose a hosting provider where your blog will be hosted.

Step 3 – Build your blogsite. You can create the look of your blog yourself or you can have it built by someone else as well.

Step 5 – Start Blogging ( explained in detail in the next section)

Step 6 – Spend time on SEO and blog promotion

Now, these were the first few steps that you have to carry out if you want to start blogging. However, these are not enough, there will be a lot of hard work involved. It is not just that you will start blogging and you will start earning. No, it never happens that way.

What Happens When The Blog is Created and You are Posting Regularly?

No, once your blog is ready and you have put up a number of articles, your job is not done.

The next steps are explained in brief for all beginners:

Spend Time on SEO

You have created a blog site for yourself and you are posting blogs regularly. But, it is not enough. No matter how hard you work and how dedicated you are, it is not going to help you, unless you have visitors to your website.

Now, SEO will help you to get visitors or traffic, but it does not work like magic. SEO takes time and you have to spend enough time.

A few of the SEO activities which bloggers can spend time on include:

  • On-page optimization – Using keywords, meta title, description, H1, H2 tags and more
  • Off-Page optimization – Link building activities like guest posting, profile listing
  • Social media marketing – Promoting the blog on social media channels

Research Topics Well

Now, there are many bloggers who randomly write posts without bothering if people are willing to read or not. Never do that.

Write what your audience wants to read and present them thorough information. Do not miss out on anything. Your one blog should provide them all that they are looking for.

  • Find the trending topics
  • Look for the related keywords relevant to the topics you choose to write
  • Write catchy headlines

Write High Quality, Engaging Posts

When you are writing blog posts do not write just to increase the word count or with the aim of earning money soon. In my experience, stop thinking about earning money from your blog, as you get started.

If your only motive is to earn money, things are going to be challenging. Instead, think about your audience.

  • You have to think about what your audience is looking for?
  • What are they searching?
  • What is the age group of your custom audience?
  • Try to find out the keywords they are using as they search.
  • What is their main objective – are they looking for solutions or just information.

Once you know the answer to all these questions, it will be easier for you to write engaging posts, which can rank well on search engines. Thus, remember, it is NOT just about writing and posting. There is a lot more to it.

So, now..lets get back to the basic question which comes in the mind of the first time writers.

How to write a blog:

Step 1 – Think about a topic idea – something which really interests you and you will love writing.

Step 2 – Do a keyword research using any of the free keyword research tools. Find the keywords which have high volume.

Step 3Create a title of your blog. It should have your keywords, needs to be catchy and arouse interest in the mind of the reader.

Step 4 – Start writing the introduction. The introduction should have the keyword and needs to introduce the topic well. It should be able to inform the reader what the topic is about and how the article shall be useful.

Step 5 – Write the blog. You can use sub-headings, bullet-points and small paragraphs. Use keywords throughout the blog.

Step 6Proof read the blog, edit it for grammar and sentence construction. Remove all fluff sentences or filler sentences which have no value.

Step 7 – The last step is to promote the blog in your various social media channels. It will help in bringing organic traffic to your website.

Know How to Promote your Blog

Promoting my Blog Without Additional Investment – is that possible?

How To Create a Blog for Free

Now, if you want to create a blog you can create your account on any of the blogging platforms.

Popular blog platforms are

  • Blogspot.com
  • WordPress.com

However, if you wish to make money from your blog, you have to invest a little money and purchase a domain and hosting. It will be easy for you to create your blog.

So, go ahead and create your own blog and start earning money soon.

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