The most demanded digital marketers in the current market – Freelancers

The most demanded freelancers in the past have been digital marketing and design workers. According to a recent study, the current online job market includes data from more than 15000 freelancers in the current time frame. Some of the results reflected that the most in-demand jobs in freelancing include digital marketing, design, and technology, with a steady increase in freelancers’ projects. Freelancers with programming expertise, stronger marketing tactics, and technical skills are always in demand.

A study suggests that web developers made up for 21% in demand, closely followed by the content writers 13%, graphic designers 11%, SEO specialists for 8%, mobile application developers 3%, and social media managers 3%.

It is recognized that there are about 2.2 million freelancers online in the UK, and the number continues to grow. This makes it a potential and lucrative option for various professionals for their side hustle and main job. Various self-employed workers are making a living with the overall gig economy, and several growing numbers of companies are choosing freelancers. Additionally, there is also a very high demand for freelance skills.

The founder and CEO of PeoplePerHour, Xenio, said that every aspect of life has completely changed as normal life has changed in the past 12 months. He added that although many sectors have received better profits, others have been badly challenged.

Xenios’ also noted that several businesses had been forced to adapt to the online process completely. The specified skills of the competencies have been identified and valued in the right way only for freelancers.

He also suggested that other freelancing skills like event management and photography had to diversify their overall skills to compete in the market field.


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