These Content Writing Tools Are Going to Change the Way You Write and Earn

Content writing is often challenging, especially if you are trying to attract the attention of search engines or targetted traffic to your blog. Even if you are an established writer or blogger, it is necessary that you are ready to wear different hats. It is not always about writing high-quality engaging content, a professional writer needs to be quite adept when it is something about designing, social media marketing or online promotions. Content writing tools can be of great help for any beginner, helping to generate high-quality and engaging content.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator:

One of the biggest challenges faced by all writers is coming up with newer ideas for posts. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator offers great help here. You need to enter three keywords and the topic generator will do all the magic. It will come up with a list of topic suggestions, which will help in creating interesting titles.

Popular Content Writing Tools for Beginners

If you are a beginner or just learning how to write good content, you will certainly need help from some of the available tools. The best part is that most of these tools, though some are paid versions. Though there are several tools available, all of them may not be accurate. If these tools are not accurate the results can be misleading and can delay your work.

Thus, whenever you are choosing a content writing tool, ensure that you are selecting the right tool. Here are some of the most popular tools used by writers all over the world.

Power Thesaurus

Worried about your limited vocabulary? Power Thesaurus is your tool. This is a useful app, without the disturbing ads. This app is crowdsourced and a favorite of many writers. The user interface is elegant and quite streamlined. The app keeps up well with the latest updates in linguistics.

Plagiarism Detection Tools

Be 100% sure that you are delivering unique content! No more guess-work or dilemma. Plagiarism is one serious offense that can jeopardize the career of a content writer. If a writer is found plagiarizing the work of someone, whether intentionally or inadvertently, it can cause penalizing or flagging the website by Google. This means a fall in Google ranking.

Keyword Planner

One of the most popular online tools, Keyword planner is said to be the official keyword research tool of Google. It fulfills most of the keyword research needs, whether it is for designing content or for writing an ad copy for social media campaign. Just enter the topic, website and industry. You will have a relevant selection of keywords which are all organized subject wise, competition level and popularity. Since, keywords are an important part of content creation, writers need to necessarily include it in their must-have tools.

Infographic Video Maker

Infographics are quite popular these days. The reasons are many – it is visually pleasing, information is brief and to the point and it is easily shared online. Social media loves infographics and these are shared the most. If you are trying to build traffic, why not offer something more to your audience. Animated infographics do make a difference. It is now easy to prepare animated infographics with an infographic video maker.


If finding the latest news is something that troubles you, Feedly is the tool for you. Feedly helps you to stay away about all the related news which interest you, or something related to your expertise or domain. Feedly helps you in creating your own feed by following different YouTube channels, authoritative websites, blogs, and more.

All that needs to be done is set alerts for your blog or articles. It might take a while to understand how these sites work but when you use them regularly, you will get used to these sites.

Twitter Trending

One more way to find updated topics is your Twitter homepage. However, if you have a blog on a specific niche, Twitter trending might not always help you.  It gathers all the necessary information related to the latest topics and displays them. If needed, you can even filter the news updates on the basis of Twitter pages/users or location.

Thus, can easily take advantage of the popular hashtag searches for any content. Hashtags are very popular these days because of social media. As you keep reading tweets, you will be aware of the issues which interest people. This means you will be able to strike a better chord with the readership.

Soft Murmur

Yes, soft music does help writers and many writers do listen to soft music as they write. This helps with better concentration and helps in writing quite efficiently. If you need help, try A Soft Murmur Tool. It is the best tool to keep away all distractions and helps in improving productivity.

Ahrefs – Content Explorer SEO Tool

This is a vital SEO toolkit that can help in propelling your writings towards the top position in search. It runs the biggest content index and is known to discover what different other tools usually overlook. It has a flexible filtering system with the help of which you can have just the valuable topics on your radar. The others are all filtered out. Every post is available with SEO and social metrics which are visualized on charts. It helps in tracking all ups and downs, thereby helping any user in different ways.

Many of these tools are used by writers all over the world. You might not have to choose all the tools and use all of them, but you can definitely use a mix of the tools.

However, a final word of advice is that whatever tool you are using, when you are creating content you have to ensure that you are writing high-quality articles that are SEO friendly and also unique. Search engines value high quality and unique articles. Nothing can be worst than having a website that is not unique. Plagiarised content can completely ruin the rankings of a website.

Are you using any of these content writing tools?

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