Things You Should Post on Social Media Account

No – this is not something you can post on your personal profiles or for your personal interest. When it comes to writing social media content on behalf of a client or even for the promotion of your own business, it gets a bit challenging.

The first thought is ‘will it work’? or ‘Is that something which my audience will appreciate?’ or ‘Is it something that will interest my audience?’

Yes, that is where we all get stuck. What to write and what not to write!

If you are employed as a social media expert and you need to update the social media accounts of your clients, the job becomes even more challenging.

You have to keep in mind the brand value, the competitors, and other reactions in mind. Indeed, you just cannot randomly post anything that comes to your mind.

Social Media Content Ideas is Something That You Need to Plan in advance

But, before we move on to the social media content ideas, let us understand what this content is all about!

Social Media Content – What is it all About?

Social media content can be anything – the purpose is to keep your followers engages by providing them some value. This can be:

  • Images and photographs
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Real life events/Updates on products, services
  • Funny thoughts, events, incidents
  • Matters of concern, awareness

Never try to just promote your products or services through social media content all the while. Your viewers do not want to be bombarded with what all you have to offer.

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What Works on Social Media?

When you plan to post on social media, you must post something which your viewers love to see. You should not post what you like or something which interests you. It is possible that your audience does not like anything which interests you.

What Should You Not Post on Social Media?

  • Try to refrain from political posts because you do not know your audience. You might lose many people and they might form an opinion.
  • Do not post things that are very common. For example, do not post GOOD MORNING messages or GOOD NIGHT messages in bulk. You might bore your audience because most of us get these messages in abundance. We receive ample of these forwarded messages on WhatsApp – isn’t it?
  • Excessive updates can be boring. Unless you have regular, updated, and interesting news to share, excessive updates can turn off your audience.
  • Do not post on the same subject again and again. Now, for example, you have attended a party and you have met a lot of people. Try and refrain from posting excessive or bulk updates. People will lose interest unless you are one of the most followed celebrities. In fact, even the most followed celebrities do not post images in bulk or excessively.

Social Media Post Examples

So, what should you post on social media? This is the main question that you must keep in mind.

Solve Problems and Answers Your Customer Queries

Answering customer questions can be a useful social media post. In fact, when you are answering one question of a customer, you will be benefiting several more customers. There might be many people who have the same question but have not ask you.

Also, it is possible that people will follow you because they know that they will get answers to many of their problems.

So, just pick any one random question and you can answer it each day. The benefits are many –

  • You are posting regularly
  • It is a way to connect to your readers and they feel that you are listening to them.
  • You are solving their problems
  • Offering value through your posts
  • They will look forward to your posts in the future – as to what additional you have to offer.

You can use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube as well.

Peep into Your Workspace

We all love to see each other’s place of work. All offices and business institutes are different from one another. Thus, sharing pictures or scenes of your office or business can be an attractive post.

For Example – You own a Boutique, and you are trying to reach out to your customers through Instagram. A glimpse into your workspace, your collection, the ambiance, and happy customer shopping can bring in more customers.

Instagram can be your choice of a platform where you can click photos, edit photos and post them directly.  If you wish to post about your working zone, the best options are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Interview your Customer

Who does not like to be interviewed? If you record brief interviews of your real customers who come to your business and publish them on social media platforms it can really bring in traffic.

Many people will love the idea of being interviewed and they will feel special when they find their interview video on your Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Besides, there is also a scope that your customers will share their interviews further. This will help in spreading the video all over. Thus, when you regularly upload customer interviews it will also help in showing that your store is visited by many customers.

You never know you will get many customers in your store because they want to be featured in an interview.

Share Something Which is in Demand

Suppose you have an online store, and you notice that there is one fast-selling item out there. If any product is popular on your website and has a lot of demand, it will be popular on social media as well.

You must highlight all those things on various social media accounts. Others will see what people are looking for in your store and they will feel like trying it out as well.

It is possible that you started a discount week, and you shared its link earlier as well. However, it is possible that people have missed it. You can share the link again but this time highlighting a product that is experiencing great demand.

Share Something That Everyone is Looking Forward to

Small businesses have a major role in community life. It is good to search for opportunities as you connect to different surroundings as you become part of conversations.

If there is an event coming up in your area, post something about the event and show your interest in participating in the event.

If you wish to post any update regarding any community activity or event, you can post on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Share Anything Funny

Entertainment is always welcome but needs to be fresh. Do not post something which is quite common and something which everyone is talking about. Search for different opportunities when you can have fun with your followers and fans. If you want to share something funny, you can use any platform like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Share Statistics

Statistics are informative and share-worthy. If you come across any data or study which is related to your industry and is share-worthy, you can share it. Indeed, it’s an attractive way to catch the attention of people. It is excellent shareable content available online. You can share statistics on your Facebook page, LinkedIn account, Instagram, and even Twitter.

Ask Questions

One of the best ways to engage people is to ask them questions. The best way is to provide them with multiple-choice questions. It is a good way to engage your fans with many questions and is helpful in boosting engagement. It also provides an opportunity to share different ideas.

To help users Facebook and Twitter, offer special poll features that are good. You can ask questions on different networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Conversational Content – Writing as You Talk


Celebrate Others

Nothing can be better than celebrating the achievements of others or announcing great news about other bloggers or people who matter.

If you know any fellow blogger who has achieved a milestone – why not wish him? It is a great way to build connections and update your audience about others too.

There are a lot of things you can post on social media. Try out and see what connects your audience the most and keep posting everything that interests them.

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