Top 5 Instagram SEO Techniques to Boost up Your Visibility

If you are planning to utilize Instagram for business, the greatest method to increase your chances of success is to first increase your followers. The number of people who contact you has a significant impact on your sales. As a result, you must fully optimize your Instagram account. Many of the strategies you use to boost your SEO on the web can also be used to improve the discovery of your content and profile on Instagram. Instagram SEO is a bit different from Google SEO hence it takes a little time to get found on Instagram.

But worry not, there are some SEO tips by which you can enhance your profile’s reach and eventually get more followers which in turn will help your business grow more.

Optimize Your Instagram Profile

The first step in optimising your profile is to make it more SEO-friendly because your profile is the first place your customer would come to look for your brand. The Instagram search works similarly to Google and brings up the most relevant profile based on your search query. The search results, on the other hand, are determined by the accounts you follow and connect. In addition, the Instagram post you liked plays a significant impact in determining your profile’s relevance. The first step to optimize your profile is to give a proper name and username along with a catchy bio that will eventually attract customers to visit your profile.

Use Primary and Secondary keywords

The primary keyword plays a major role in the visibility of your profile on Instagram’s search. Try to put common keywords based on your business so that if someone searches anything related to your keyword, the Instagram search bar will display your account along with others. They will be enticed to open your account if your profile photograph is appealing. The secondary keywords are those that you write in your bio. These are the most common word shortcuts. This is one of the proper SEO optimization techniques for making your profile more noticeable.

Utilize Hashtags as Keywords

Keywords are generally used on Instagram to assist users to find out relevant content. A hashtag, on the other hand, works similarly to a keyword. When you search for a specific hashtag, you will see all of the postings that have that hashtag. Similarly, if you tag a post related to your business with a certain hashtag, it will appear when someone searches for that hashtag. Using more hashtags and treating them as keywords for your account and work is a great strategy to increase your Instagram discoverability. Using hashtags helps your profile to get discovered among many users on Instagram.

Use Alt Text Carefully

Instagram has a unique function that enables you to provide an alternative text to describe your photo in greater depth. The programme then reads out the image description or caption, which tells you what the picture includes, using a screen reader. This function was primarily implemented to assist users with visual difficulties, however, it can also be utilised for SEO. The Instagram algorithm can clearly grasp what the image contains and how it can be relevant for certain viewers if you use keywords in your alt text. Once the algorithm knows the relevance of your post, it will automatically bring your profile to search feeds and make your profile discoverable.

Instagram is a great platform to begin your business as it helps a lot in branding and advertising your products and services. Optimize your profile, give proper information and follow these above-mentioned SEO techniques to give your business a boost on Instagram’s platform and make your profile discoverable.


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