What is YouTube Marketing, and how does it work?

There are several platforms from which you can choose to explore your business in digital marketing. Among these, the most popular platforms include Facebook and Instagram. But one other platform that has been phenomenal to promote business is YouTube.

Let’s be clear about this, we all love videos and pictures. It is quite true that pictures can make you hook to something much more effectively than a simple write-up.

So, as videos are more interesting and effective, let’s explore how YouTube marketing benefits other platforms.


YouTube Marketing

In YouTube marketing, users generally promote their business with advertisements and videos. As video is an extremely powerful medium, it helps to grow more customers over a long time. It has been recognized that YouTube is the second most visited site worldwide after Google. Since its launch, more than 2 billion users have been used globally.

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Top proven benefits of YouTube marketing

Heavy Traffic

The growth of YouTube is exponential, with more than 5 billion videos uploaded every single day. This amounts to much more traffic in general than any other business platform out there. The best reason you need to switch to this marketing is that it helps grow your business exponentially.

Even if you are not responsible for making your videos, you can still reach more audiences by simply advertising the content on other platforms.

Some of the statistics of youtube that are not known are :

  • Youtube gets more than 30 million views every day
  • Every minute 300 hours of videos are uploaded
  • The number of medium and small businesses advertising has doubled in last two years

Higher rate of visibility on Google

A common thing that many people notice is that videos keep appearing more often on their Google search results. The basic reason for this is the relevant videos you have searched for in particular. You can take effective advantage of this measure and create content of your own to create better videos.

When you ensure to do this daily, it will help you create effective backlinks for your website that will grow your business. Using the youtube marketing measures; you are more authoritative and rank better. The more authoritative your page is on Google the better it will rank on search engines. Some tips to increase the authority of your website are:

  • Link your official website with your youtube channel
  • Keep sharing videos on other social media platforms
  • Keep engaging with customers for better benefit

Building email list on YouTube

The best reason you need to switch to youtube marketing is that it allows you to build an email list through it. There is several available software on the internet that allows you to sign up directly for the videos. Then, when your audience is playing a video, it can be temporarily used to enter the information and subscribe to the list. This entire approach makes it effective and easier to build your email list when making quality content.

Higher conversion rates

It is known to almost everyone that a picture tends to speak a thousand words. If this is the scene, you can rightly understand that a video can make up for a thousand words. A high-quality video can usually engage with your business and consumers in a better way. This also helps build a certain amount of authority and trust among people. Thereby, this entire process of conversing targets into better engagement has surely increased the conversion rate to a better level.

Lastly, the media base of youtube is very high, making it one of the most prominent channels for better marketing and growing business.

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