Why You Can Never Get Good Quality Content By Rushing your Writers

How fast can you write?

How long will it take you to develop a 1000 words article?

Why will it take so much time to write this content?

These are some of the very common questions which content writers have to answer regularly. Content writers, especially freelance content writers who bid on projects understand how frustrating it tends to be. Clients fail to understand that good quality content needs time.

It is no magic. One doesn’t start writing as one gets a topic. It involves lots of preparation and research. Then writing, reviewing, proofreading, editing, and so on. All this takes time and even for a 500-word article.

Why is There Such a Rush to Get Content?

The client is in a hurry!

No – this happens in very few instances when the client is in a great hurry. Most often it is about cutting costs and expenses. This happens especially when the writer works on an hourly basis.

Let’s consider an example:

The hourly rate of Ms A is $20.

The hourly rate of Ms B is $10

The client selects Ms A as she has the experience, her samples are great and she is the best fit for the job.

Client has an article of 1000 words and Ms A mentions it will take her 2.5 hours ( 2 hours of writing and half hour of research) So, the client has to pay $50.

Client’s budget is $30-$35. Ms B could have done it at this rate and maybe a little less a well, but Ms A is certainly the better option. So, this is where the bargain begins.

Rushing the Writer – An Option?

So, what option does the client have now?

The easiest option is to rush the writer. Clients have many reasons – though I’m not saying that all these reasons are false, but these are not good enough to compromise on writing time.

  • Have a deadline to meet.
  • I need this quickly
  • My budget is low and I am already paying a lot.
  • I have other writers who are not taking so much time.
  • It is an easy topic – why spend so much time on research
  • I do not need so much research
  • What if I provide the research material?



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